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CONTENTS – INTRODUCTION, KEY FACTS OF BAMBOO, BAMBOO MADE CLOTHES, PRODUCTION, PRODUCTS DRIVEN OUT, BENEFITS, CONCLUSION, LINKS TO FOLLOW UP INTRODUCTION – Our ‘ blue – planet’ Earth is rich in flora and fauna that we all embrace. Nature has never failed to astonish us from it’s beauty and serenity. It is well known that, […]

Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Clothing Brands         BUY WHAT YOU LOVE   Fashion is clothing. Clothing is something that every single individual requires. At the point when you purchase attire, sustainability is presumably the keep going thing at the forefront of your thoughts. With such a significant number of patterns, styles, and costs to consider, factoring in the […]

Surprising 9 reasons to choose bamboo and its products over plastic:

We, humans, are naturally submerged in products which sustain for a considerably short period because they are readily available and temporarily satisfactory. It’s been a while since plastic got banned. However, we actively tend to use them because of the illusion we live into plastic being much cheaper than bamboo. But, can we here buckle […]

BAMBOO Products, The Beginning of the NEW Sustainable Era

Contents The need of the hour, Bamboo and its products Know more about Bamboo… A guide to bamboo products Top 10 bamboo product categories that you can use Conclusion 1. The need of the hour, Bamboo and its products While we are in a constant search for the products that are both eco-friendly and economical, […]

6 Eco friendly fabric looks best In your Wardrobes

The environment has taken the worst shift after the rise and growth of Industrialization. It has been said that we have to use eco friendly (fabric) products. It means shifting our focus from excessive depleting growth to creating sustainable solutions for growth. Do you think that our clothes are polluting the Earth? If you say […]

The ethical fabric:- BAMBOO CLOTHING

Bamboos are the most remarkable verdure we can use for creating apparel. It has its own nature rendered micro gaps and micro holes, having a mechanism for moisture absorption and ventilation which is far adequately than any other fiber accessible. The most frequently asked questions are ‘Bamboo’s for clothes‘ ‘Is bamboo clothing toxic’ ‘Is bamboo […]


7  REASONS FOR SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO CLOTHING Knock Knock Who is there? Me! BAMBOO. I am used or sustainable plant, which is a renewable plant used for sustainable bamboo clothing, health and wellness, decorations, etc. but today we are going to learn how bamboos are righteous for the clothing industry.Bamboo textile is a sustainable textile industry […]

Bamboo Fiber- 6 Awesome Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fiber is simply amazing. We all read such statements about Bamboo while searching for ideal sustainable clothing on the internet. But do you know what makes it sustainable? Apart from being highly versatile and stupendous fabric, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Within a few months, a bamboo tree grows […]