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Green & Sustainable Fabric for Companies/Colleges

Corporate/ Gifting

We offer a wide range of Bamboo fabric products for corporate gifting, company uniforms and college merchandising at cheap and affordable prices. For more details email us at or Whatsapp at +91-8287214056

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    Organic Gift Packs

    Looking for the perfect natural or organic gift?

    We have a beautiful selection of Organic Gift Packs and Combos to choose from. We offer you the best organic gifts for the people you care. Our range includes all natural and organic Bamboo Tees.

    Here is bringing you special organic gift packs and combos to ensure that you celebrate the festivals with a pure heart and pure ingredients. Contact us for cool Gift Combos & Corporate Gift Packs that are worth a steal.

    These organic gift ideas are a great way to show that you care about the health and environment.

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    College Merchandising

    Round neck Bamboo T- shirt offered in 6 different colours. Logo and Name can be printed at 3 different positions i.e. front, sleeve, back. Different style available for men & women

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    Company T-shirt

    Performance Bamboo polo T-shirt.
    Give your employees a Tee that will remain fresh even after a long working day. Available in 3 different colours. Company name can be wooven on front & sleeve.

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