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Top 3 Bamboo Clothes That Every Guy Must Have – 2020

The popularity of bamboo products is increasing in an incredible way. There are ample of reason why these products are getting so much hype. Firstly, it is eco-friendly and grows quickly, it pulls carbon dioxide out of the air and doesn’t need much water and pesticides. Secondly, it can be used in a nearly unimaginable […]

Bamboo – A Revolution in the Manufacturing Sector!

“The world has enough resources for everyone’s need but not for anyone’s greed” is indeed an ingenious statement made by an ingenious man, Mahatma Gandhi. And today his words are being put to a test as never before. With the increase in population the demand for single-use plastic has increased drastically. Plastic is among the […]

Bamboo Fabric – 8 reasons why everyone should switch to it.

For many years historically, bamboo has been used in Asia for transportation, medicine, construction, cooking, papers, textiles, and so more. The modern world has come to know about the wonders of this green gold and with the help of human resources, we are making it useful in many ways. Keep scrolling to know more about […]