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BAMBOO Products, The Beginning of the NEW Sustainable Era

Contents The need of the hour, Bamboo and its products Know more about Bamboo… A guide to bamboo products Top 10 bamboo product categories that you can use Conclusion 1. The need of the hour, Bamboo and its products While we are in a constant search for the products that are both eco-friendly and economical, […]

How bamboo products replace plastics

This article details “how bamboo products replace plastics“. In recent years bamboo products are used more than previously, it is a very good thing for the environment. Why does plastic have to need replacement? Plastic is a non-degradable waste which causes huge problems to our environment and also harmful for living beings (humans, animals, etc.) […]

7 must-have bamboo decorations items to instantly lit up your home decor

 Does your abode speaks up of your statement of choice? Table of Contents Bamboo Hanging Lights Bamboo Chairs Bamboo Book Shelf Bamboo Wall Accents Bamboo Mirrors Bamboo Accessories Bamboo Planter Pot Benefits Of Using Bamboo The bamboo decoration sets apart your space from the regular fancy decor. Since ages home décor has ignited the minds […]


The earth is viewed as the leading planet known to man that support life. Nature can be comprehended as a cover that continues living on the planet savvy and sound. We absolutely can’t understand the genuine worth of the circumstance. To keep the earth steady and stable one of the essential things we can go […]


6 MUST HAVE BAMBOO PRODUCTS FOR A PERFECT HOME A versatile material which leads to a sustainable lifestyle is bamboo. Bamboo is an equipment which is used extensively around the world and is gaining the ground with wide popularity. The world is facing a huge environmental problem and the harmful products like plastic are getting […]


Bamboo products-Alternate for plastics                Bamboo Products are biodegradable, earth-friendly, and recyclable. Bamboo Cotton Buds, Bamboo Drinking Straws, Bamboo Travel Cutlery Sets, Kitchen Scrubber, Bamboo Toothbrushes, Bamboo helmets, cars, Floors, Computer hardware, paper, etc. There are several products that can be made by using the bamboo tree and the online store and community promoting healthy […]

Bamboo – A Revolution in the Manufacturing Sector!

“The world has enough resources for everyone’s need but not for anyone’s greed” is indeed an ingenious statement made by an ingenious man, Mahatma Gandhi. And today his words are being put to a test as never before. With the increase in population the demand for single-use plastic has increased drastically. Plastic is among the […]

Guide to a sustainable living: 10 bamboo products you should bring to your home

Bamboo also known as Mambu is the tallest member from the Poaceae (also called the grass family). It is one of the fastest-growing trees in the world because of its unconventional rootstalk dependent system. Bamboo is a natural composite material and has a high strength to weight ratio which closely resembles a strong softwood or […]