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BAMBOO Products, The Beginning of the NEW Sustainable Era

Contents The need of the hour, Bamboo and its products Know more about Bamboo… A guide to bamboo products Top 10 bamboo product categories that you can use Conclusion 1. The need of the hour, Bamboo and its products While we are in a constant search for the products that are both eco-friendly and economical, […]

Bamboo – A Revolution in the Manufacturing Sector!

“The world has enough resources for everyone’s need but not for anyone’s greed” is indeed an ingenious statement made by an ingenious man, Mahatma Gandhi. And today his words are being put to a test as never before. With the increase in population the demand for single-use plastic has increased drastically. Plastic is among the […]

Guide to a sustainable living: 10 bamboo products you should bring to your home

Bamboo also known as Mambu is the tallest member from the Poaceae (also called the grass family). It is one of the fastest-growing trees in the world because of its unconventional rootstalk dependent system. Bamboo is a natural composite material and has a high strength to weight ratio which closely resembles a strong softwood or […]

Bamboo Fabric – 8 reasons why everyone should switch to it.

For many years historically, bamboo has been used in Asia for transportation, medicine, construction, cooking, papers, textiles, and so more. The modern world has come to know about the wonders of this green gold and with the help of human resources, we are making it useful in many ways. Keep scrolling to know more about […]

All about Sustainable Fashion- 4 Reasons for why it matters, worth investment

Table of contents: Interesting Facts What is Ethical or Sustainable fashion? Why Sustainable fashion matters? Sustainable clothes are made off 7 forms of sustainable fashion Life cycle of clothes Is this affordable? Worthy investment for big industries Brands involved in sustainable, affordable fashion Conclusion Let’s be honest, our environment getting worse each day, right? From […]

Drop Plastic, The Mighty Bamboo Will Save Us.

Unless you are living under a rock, you must have heard organic products are catching up to plastic. It’s high time that we should start looking for better alternatives for plastics and if used judiciously, Bamboo can be the perfect replacement ensuring a sustainable future. Do you know that there are micro-plastics inside you right […]

Bamboo Products – The Savior and a Guide to a Sustainable Future

We the humans are exploiting natural resources and are exploiting the earth in every way possible. It’s high time we take appropriate measures to handle the situation in our hand. Replacing plastics and other non degradable products with bamboo is one of the vital steps we have to take. This blog will give us an overview of how bamboo will help us move towards a sustainable future.