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14 benefits of using bamboo clothes:


Join the fashion revolution!! Now a days, environmental problem has been a great threat. To solve this,many industrialists are being thoughtful about sustainable as well as eco friendly industries.

Bamboo is available in almost all parts of the world, except Antarctica and Europe(though European countries were later introduced to bamboo). There are plenty quantity of bamboo trees, especially forests all over the environment. So, there is a new fashion trend of using bamboo clothes. This will also make customers aware about their responsibilities towards the earth.


In 1881, Bamboo fibre was mixed with wool. That was the initiative of bamboo clothes. Though before that year, bamboo was hugely popular as a material to make paper. Bamboo was turned into usable cloth at Beijing university (2002). In 2003, Hebei Jigao Chemical Fibre company, in Shijiqzhung, China . AIYAPPA SOMAYANDA, built the bamboo tribe, uber soft, casual clothing in India . He was the founder of usuable bamboo clothes in india in march 2017 in Bangalore .

Benefits of using bamboo clothes:

  1. Bamboo clothes are antibacterial agents These are fresh and healthy.
  2. they are super soft, even softer than cotton
  3. They contain odour protection
  4. Inhibit bactierial growth and infection.
  5. They have moisture wicking capacity by which, they absorb moisture away from body.
  6. Their thermo regulating property help to be cool in summer and warm in winter.
  7. These clothes are breathable due to microhole
  8. Kind to skin
  9. They are antifungal
  10. Those who have sensitive skin, can use bamboo clothes. They are hypoallergenic
  11. Organic inks are used commercially in bamboo clothes which oppose carcinogenic chemicals in non organic clothing
  12. Bamboo fibre socks beautifully maintain foot hygiene. Thus save athletes from foot blisters and ulcers
  13. In bamboo fibre socks, cushion is included. It helps to get rid of injury.
  14. The socks are dust preventive, provides better grip.

why to choose bamboo??

  1. They don’t need pesticides
  2. Bamboo produce “bamboo kun”, that is antibacterial agent.
  3. Cotton ( Gossypium herbaceum) is a perennial plant, which needs to be treated as an annual plant. On the other hand, cotton trees are easily affected by insects and diseases
  4. Bamboo ( Bambusoideae) can be grown in every climate, in any type of soil.
  5. Silk cotton (Bombay ceiba) is formed from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm. This also takes greater time than bamboo
  6. Some species of bamboo can grow up a foot per day, which makes bamboo one of the most eco friendly textiles.
  7. Bamboo can easily make a forest. The forest helps to prevent soil erosion
  8. The bamboo trees absorb higher wavelength green house gases( such as- carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide etc)
  9. Bamboo tree provide nutrients for the next crop.
  10. There are up to 1500 species of bamboo all over the globe. Between them only 50 are used commercially
  11. Bamboo trees grow easily in such an environment that is inhospitable to other plants
  12. Between, -4F to 117F it can grow
  13. It’s growth rate s 248 inch/year

process of forming bamboo clothes:

Bamboo is converted into usable materials generally by the process known as, bamboo viscos. This is cheap one

Firstly, cellulose is extracted from the bamboo stacks. Then it is mixed with wood pulp to form tiny wood chunks. Then it is exposed to chemical solvents. Cellulose is removed. The remaining material is compressed into sheets. Then exposed to carbon disulfide.. the entire material is filtered, pushed into spinner. cellulose is converted into strands. Then immersed in a vat of sulfuric acid. The number of filaments is increased by this. Then it is spun into yarn. The yarn can be woven into fabric. Thus the clothes are made up.

Another process, named loop production process is also used.

bamboo clothing industry in India:

  1. Woodwose organic clothing is available on online platforms. (These were tested in government accredited textile laboratories : SITRA, test report dated January 2019)
  2. Mamma’s touch ,is a company of baby products made up of bamboo fibre
  3. Green organic clothing
  4. Heelium, it is a company of bamboo socks
  5. Footprints
  6. Red box fashion
  7. Pierre Phillipe
  8. Rolax ties manufacturers
  9. Mush textiles private Ltd
  10. A. D enterprise
  11. Ina apparel
  12. Jaiso export
  13. Omved lifestlifestyle pvt Ltd

In India,there are plenty number of offices of this industry in Bangalore, Hyderabad,Delhi, tiruvanantapuram, jalandhar, ahmedabad, lucknow, gurgaon, mumbai etc


Let’s start a new journey towards the greener earth. Use cloths sustainably. Try not to buy extra clothes. Only buy those, which are comfortable, made of organic materials, and your favourite!! Being a customer, we must keep in mind the fact of environment . Bamboo clothes, also known as- bamboo yarn, bamboo rayon, retting, are eco friendly, sustainable products. Start using it and you will surely fall in love with it.

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