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10 Best Eco-Friendly Products in India One Must Buy!!

These 10 Eco-Friendly Products can change your life and help the environment to cherish itself.

Living in the 21st century and inhaling pollution containing various chemicals, toxic gas. 

Is it considerably good?? 

No!! We all know this isn’t good for us at all, we all know what it does to us, how it affects us but what we are doing to control it? Nothing, just sitting using our mobile phones, eating food and sleeping.

Pollution has always accompanied civilisation. Urban pollution causes most of the alarming issues that we need to fix in order to increase our life tendency. Factories, Industries and Automobiles contribute a major part in causing pollution. Breathing polluted air makes you prone to diseases like Asthma and other respiratory diseases.

How to tell if a Product is Eco-Friendly or NOT?

The best way to ensure Eco-Friendly Products is to buy products only from trusted retailers on which you can rely on. Second is to look for Third-Party Certifications. Most popular are EcoLogo created by the Canadian Government.

So next time you go out to buy the below-mentioned products you must check on these aspects.

Eco-Friendly” is getting all over in the air. We are seeing it on most product’s labels. But it doesn’t mean that people are much aware of these products, “it benefits”.

When it comes to products it means everything from producing it to its packaging must be Eco-Friendly. Coming very straight, all it means is that products should not cause harm to nature.

It’s obvious that some will ask what’s the benefits of these products and how to know if a product is an Eco-Friendly Product or not… Well to talk about benefits of Eco-Friendly Products — the most important one is that it helps to reduce environmental damage because it’s made up of Biodegradable materials, second is that it is safe to use it doesn’t harm nature nor the people who use the products.

Switching to Eco-Friendly Products and other items can help a country to tackle pollution problems. Using eco-friendly materials, products can also show long term benefits in making a better place to live.


1) Grocery bags

Eco-Friendly Products

How about using grocery bags made up of jute, polymer. Doing the same work but not degrading the environment condition — stands the topmost reason why to use it. It is easily available in the markets and it’s highly advisable to use. These bags also help you to carry the bag easily no matter what the weight is.

2) Lunch Boxes

Eco-Friendly Products

Using Eco-Friendly lunch boxes also has its own advantages. Every school-going and office going person can use it. It is easy to clean and is durable, doesn’t leach any chemicals into the food 

3) Wool footwears

This footwear is highly advisable as it is Eco-friendly and the breathability is the apex factor in these types of shoes. It will keep you warm in winters as it traps the heat in between its fibre. So you can showcase your style and save the environment at the same time.

4) Eco-Friendly Fuel

Using CNG, LPG, Biodiesel can help us a lot in dealing with pollution problems. Production rates of automobiles have taken up massive growth in the past 10 years which helped in the escalation of Air pollution.

5) Reusable Cups:

Single-use cups are widely used in different kinds of functions after which they are nothing more than an accumulated waste. So reusable cups should be put into practise so that it can help to reduce the accumulated waste.

6) Stainless Steel Bottles:

Using plastic bottles can be a risk because of its cheap quality plastic. Drinking water from these bottles can leach a lot of harmful chemicals that will then enter your body and can cause cancer. So switching up to stainless steel bottles would be considered very good. These bottles are 100 per cent recyclable and safe for the environment.

7) Earrings:

This one is for all the girls and women out there. Using eco-friendly earrings is much more beneficial than some cheap jewellery that is available in local markets. It’s attractive plus it is recyclable, so no harm to the environment.


8) Detergent:

The most used thing in every household is detergent. Using eco-friendly detergent is free from harsh chemicals, toxins and preservatives ingredients. All-natural ingredients, safe and effective.

9) Toothbrushes:

Using eco-friendly toothbrushes eliminates unnecessary waste and is easy to recycle and reuse. It is easy to compost the handles of bamboo toothbrushes if you first remove the nylon bristles. The antibacterial properties of bamboo allow it to cultivate without using toxics.

10) Reusable batteries:

Using this can help a lot to reduce environmental degradation as it emits less waste as they can be charged 100 times and can be used for several months or even for years. Can also be recycled and contribute less waste to landfills.


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