7  REASONS FOR SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO CLOTHING Knock Knock Who is there? Me! BAMBOO. I am used or sustainable plant, which is a renewable plant used for sustainable bamboo clothing, health and wellness, decorations, etc. but today we are going to learn how bamboos are righteous for the clothing industry.Bamboo textile is a sustainable textile industry which is supporting trendy sustainable clothing. It is a now among the trendy sustainable clothing globally. It is a pure extraction of bamboos from bamboo plant to bamboo yarn. There are many types of sustainable fashion and Bamboo clothing is one of them. Oh well! How does it help? I don’t have to wear bamboo clothes I have cotton, tricot, nylon and silk. Here are the TOP SEVEN REASONS FOR SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO CLOTHING: NO PLASTIC POLLUTION BECAUSE OF SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO CLOTHING: In the world full of pollution and countries facing outbreaks should hold on to chemical productions and start using natural fibres. They should put a stop and adopt sustainable fashion production. Plastics have ruined our marine, land as well as atmospheric lives. In recent news, that “NO ACID RAIN THIS TIME; ONLY PLASTIC” which triggers human and other living creatures existence. Bamboo clothing is not unfashionable in reality it is, sustainability in fashion and textiles. SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO CLOTHING IS ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: From past years words like global warming, water pollution, water scarcity, air pollution, etc. become a part of our daily lives. We can conserve the environment by not wasting water and electricity, not wasting food and reduce using polythene bags. But let me stop you! What about the clothes we are wearing? Does it sound familiar to the measures of conserving the environment? No? Chill! Let me tell you clothes that we are wearing take almost 300 years to decompose into the soil. Even our attires manufactured with synthetic fibres which are not 60% biodegradable. United Nations have said that the fashion and textile industry is the second most pollution spreading after Chemical and gas industries. They produce 10% of global greenhouse gas discharge, annually. Well, guys, I am not scaring you. However, it doesn’t mean we should stop wearing clothes furthermore the answer to this is sustainable fashion arti SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO CLOTHING- A NEW WAY OF FASHION: We need to be sustainable in every way. Sustainable fashion production is alternative to other to unethical clothing brands. There is a need to rework and respond to the crisis we have fallen in. There are talks about sustainability, upcycling, recycling and many more. It takes 2700 litres of water to make up a single T-shirt and only a single person to bring about a change. We can say this is unseen virtual water. It is the amount of water which an average person drinks in 2.5 years. And over a year in the entire world, over 2 billion cotton t-shirts are sold worldwide. We should firmly believe in REUSE, RECYCLE AND REPEAT.  I am Bamboozled! After knowing about the benefits of ethical fashion. Bamboo fibres at first, spurned into yarn after that they are knitted and lastly dyed. Bamboo clothes are used for multiple purposes for clothing. Bamboo clothes are not made of 100% bamboo except it is mixed with some percentage of cotton because holding a bamboo structure for the whole time becomes back-breaking. They can be used as activewear or men and women’s bamboo yoga pants for running, yoga, jogging, can be worn casually or work. The apparel industry is a massive contributor to pollution world widely for which the main reason behind is fast fashion brands which compromises quality with unsustainable fabric. Bamboo fabric provides comfort as they are very soft and breathable fabric. Breathable fabrics are the fabric which allows air and oxygen flow through them comfortably so that sweat evaporation speeds up and keeps you fresh. The property of the bamboo fabric, that it is evaluated through a measure called MVTR that is moisture vapour transmission rate. It’s moisture-wicking so that even if you sweat heavily it will keep you dry. REUSE, RECYCLE AND SUSTAINABLE. PROPERTIES OF ANTI-ORDOR ANTIBACTERIAL IN SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO CLOTHING: Bamboos are anti-odour because bamboo contains an antibacterial substance which protects bamboo plants from pest attacks and fungus. It has better odour prevention properties as compared to cotton due to the superior ability to absorb moisture because bamboo fibre reveals tons of micro holes which allows the cloth to have super absorption. Hence prevents sudden body odour underarms. KEEP YOUR COMPOSURE! SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO CLOTHING PREVENTS FROM UV (ULTRA-VIOLATE) RAYS OF SUN: Bamboos naturally protect from harmful UV (ultra-violate) rays because of its antibacterial and UV resistant properties. That is why bamboo clothing is well suited for performance and exercise wear. STAY HEALTHY! SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO CLOTHING REQUIRES CARING: Bamboos can be machine washed in cold water with mild soaps. But for instance, manufacturers suggest not using bleach and fabric softeners. A little shrinkage is normal so it is suggested they should be hung to dry as bamboo clothes get quickly dry as compared to other fabrics because bamboo clothes are naturally wrinkles and don’t require ironing. KEEP EVERYTHING EASY! SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO CLOTHING IS POCKET FRIENDLY: Bamboo clothing or sustainability in fashion and textiles is pocket friendly as its cost is equal to the cost of cotton and other fabric clothing. It is a affordable ethical clothing available in cheap rates on many global online websites like AMAZON, MYNTRA, FLIPKART, etc. Apart from these big brands, there are many other ethical fashion brands like NatureFab Bamboo Clothing. TIP FOR FRESHERS IN SUSTAINABLE FASHION AND TEXTILE: Bamboo clothing still is an emerging sector in our country. Many other manufacturers of raw material claim false statements to sell their products. They claim Rayon to be the “soft bamboo” which is unacceptable and wrong. As a fresher in this line, one must purchase bamboo fabrics from authorized and certified companies like Oeko-Tex, Soil Association, SKAL, KRAV or some other sustainable certification company. Don’t get BAMBOOZLED! In the end, my appeal to my viewers will be that many worldwide fashion