Surprising 9 reasons to choose bamboo and its products over plastic:

We, humans, are naturally submerged in products which sustain for a considerably short period because they are readily available and temporarily satisfactory. It’s been a while since plastic got banned. However, we actively tend to use them because of the illusion we live into plastic being much cheaper than bamboo. But, can we here buckle are mindset and focus on durability and well-being aspect?  Taking a switch to bamboo products over plastic is the best way you can gift your mother earth and justify the place your living.  Bamboo is reusable and has the most incredible benefits you can explore and recommend eco-minded people around the world.  Besides being the fastest growing plant, it is pest-resistant which can also grow in poor quality soil and also requires a meagre amount of water periodically. It prevents the erosion of land you reside on. Before amazing you with actual benefits, if you are thinking about the price, you must pay to avail those benefits then brace up to clear your queries on this. Every product has a price scale from the lower to the higher range, in comparison to plastic, wood or any other product, surely, bamboo is much cheaper than them, rapidly growing and safer to use if you are enough convinced with the introduction of why bamboo over plastic, we would like to take you through the breath-taking benefits of bamboo.  Reasons to count are: Bamboo grows naturally without pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant and can regrow to an adult size which can be harvested within five years. Bamboo is bio-degradable, which means it is capable of decomposing through other by bacteria and multiple living organisms to avoid pollution. Bamboo produces way better and more oxygen compared to other similar plants. Bamboo naturally helps to fix the eroded soil and prevents erosion later.  Bamboo is taken care of itself, which means it doesn’t require replanting.  Bamboo is durable and much more comfortable to find in the market. Bamboo requires the least water, and hence you don’t need to worry about often irrigation.  A little more to know about sustainable bamboo products to make your place go plastic-free and strive better to healthy living.  Bamboo utensils: These are go-to products if you love travelling as much as you care for your healthy living. Raise your standard of living by feeling the texture of these utensils, which can make your cutlery arrangements pleasurable. They are made from untreated bamboo having a smooth surface and are chemical-free.  Bamboo toothbrushes: Slip your plastic toothbrushes into your recycling bin if you want to lead eco-friendly life. It is a daily use product. Hence, it is made durable with soft bristles to work gently on your gums. You must be wondering, that bristles are made of plastic, so how is it turning to be eco-friendly? Well, to validate the manufacturing, making it safe to use, it is made of BPA-free.  Bamboo tea tumblers: We, for some fact, cannot do our days without beverages. You take cold or hot, that’s one’s choice. Mugs to hold your drinks are made out of bamboo are stainless steel plated inside so you could carry them at your workout place or a workplace. They are leakage resistant, absolutely organic, and a choice you should swear by.  Bamboo Kitchens towels: Bid a permanent goodbye to regular paper towels and welcome bamboo towels, which are reusable, and machine washable numerous times before you can dispose of them. This way, you do your part in saving the environment while protecting your pockets too. Because they are soft and super absorbent. Bamboo cotton swabs: Strictly say no to compromise when it is hygiene. Cotton swabs are a must product in your shower rooms. We also know how hard plastics in oceans are. They are harmful to sea animals. The disposed of plastic is into oceans. Therefore, why create trouble being ignorant towards speechless animals.  Bamboo swabs are medically tested, 100% safe and organic to use. They are ultra-soft, biodegradable and entirely plastic-free. They are designed in a way which can do a safe and effective cleaning.  Bamboo bed sheets:  When it is time for a cosy and comfortable sleep, let’s not step back to keep our sleeping cycle healthy and intact. Bamboo is undoubtedly a natural and sustainable material. But, since we are talking about bedsheets what you should know is, it is ultra-soft because they are softer than Egyptian cotton. Bedsheets are made in a way which is wrinkle and odour free, and it is a must to sensitive skin to feel better at comfort.  Bamboo monitor stand riser: We purchase tables to our comfortable position, but it isn’t your fault if you still have to strain your eyes and neck for it. Make your work life less stressful with bamboo made monitor stand riser. It is not just your eco-friendly storage but also looks neat in the environment you are working  Bamboo plant stand: Fill your home with luscious greenery and double up your healthy environment with an indoor plant stand made up of bamboo. It gives your home an eloquence and a decor that will last for ages. These stands are so durable and undoubtedly has a lifetime warranty.  Bamboo straws:  We like to slowly slip the fluid through our gorges and relish the drink. We have all heard plastics are slow poison. Then why consume them with our favourite beverages.  Conclusion: You surely can see bamboo as an alternative plastic having evident and apparent benefits along with the sustainable products you can rely upon daily making your environment plastic-free and healthy living.