CONTENTS – INTRODUCTION, KEY FACTS OF BAMBOO, BAMBOO MADE CLOTHES, PRODUCTION, PRODUCTS DRIVEN OUT, BENEFITS, CONCLUSION, LINKS TO FOLLOW UP INTRODUCTION – Our ‘ blue – planet’ Earth is rich in flora and fauna that we all embrace. Nature has never failed to astonish us from it’s beauty and serenity. It is well known that, to sustain and survive on this planet we need three such vital things like – food, shelter and last but not the least clothes. In today’s world ‘fashion’ has enlighten us by providing variety of choices to make among styles and fabric. It is a common viewpoint that we all love to dress ourselves with comfortable yet trendy outfits. A textile industry always aims to built a perfect combination of style and comfort. KEY FACTS OF BAMBOO – The word ‘Bamboo’ is taken from Dutch or Portuguese language, which they borrowed from Malaya (language spoken in Malaysia). It is a type of grass which is evergreen, tall and flowering. China keeping the lead in production and then comes India. Varieties of species are there some are edible and some best for fabric. Fastest growing plant as it grows upto 3 feet in a single day. Parts of this plant like, stem, leaves and young shoots are used in making of diversified products that covers up all our day-to-day needs. Most importantly, Bamboos can outstand as an alternative to other products that one way or the other affects our nature. Bamboos are eco-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic to all life forms in this globe.Although since a long time we are in search of alternation that can bring changes for our endangered Earth. Bamboo is the ‘game – changer’. Do follow- www.guaduabamboo.com Some facts to know about Bamboo that will surely instigate you to choose it’s products, next time you visit to a market. They are – Bamboos are biodegradable. Capable to re-energize eroded soil. It can pave the way to a sustainable future. Un-polluting, nature-friendly. Fast growing. Produces 35% more oxygen than other plants. Anti-bacterial, odour resistant. Bamboo products are durable, resistant to humidity, smooth and a great treat to eyes. Bamboo woods are quite strong with magnificent woody finishing. Bamboo wood can be shaped to make different kitchen and dining utilities. Bamboo wood pulp can push up the paper industry. Bamboo made fabric is breathable and comfort giving to wear. Hence, tick marks to textile industry as well. Bamboo leaf tea is also consumed. Young shoots are used in salads as well especially in Asian cuisine. Bamboo charcoals are cleaner fuel. Upliftment in bio-energy industry as well. Bamboo shoots are synthesised into medicines, which has the potentiality to cure respiratory disorders and reproductive issues. Bamboo made oils and extracts are also used in cosmetics. Chinese Feng Shui indicates luck related to Bamboo as well.