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7 must-have bamboo decorations items to instantly lit up your home decor

 Does your abode speaks up of your statement of choice?

Table of Contents

  • Bamboo Hanging Lights
  • Bamboo Chairs
  • Bamboo Book Shelf
  • Bamboo Wall Accents
  • Bamboo Mirrors
  • Bamboo Accessories
  • Bamboo Planter Pot
  • Benefits Of Using Bamboo

The bamboo decoration sets apart your space from the regular fancy decor. Since ages home décor has ignited the minds of people, after all our ambiance matters. Humans have carved innovative ways to remain stylish and in vogue with the demands of time. When the glaciers are melting and sea levels rising, certainly the time calls for a different approach. Cultivating a sustainable lifestyle is the enormous need of the hour.

The idea of live a sustainable lifestyle has immensely promoted the use of bamboo in recent times. Some of the best architects of India like Trupti Doshi and Eugene Pandala are voicing their thoughts for sustainable living and it is through their projects, they are promoting a better natural way of living.

Using bamboo products can be a conscious choice to make our environment a natural one as it is an eco-friendly produce Bamboo products look sturdy and can be stylish as well.

Personalized your choice with these seven bamboo decorative items that can instantly lit up your home décor.

1. Bamboo Hanging Lights

bamboo hanging lights

If you are like me who gets enchanted by the decor that brings the cozy feeling and a warm appeal to a place, then hanging lights is our stop. It can instantly beautify your space without much effort.

The bamboo hanging lights give a new classy edge to your home decor. The whole setup of bamboo decoration can look subtle and ethereal that can alight your mood as well.

Coco kelly one of the best interior designers blog archives has some drooling pictures of the home décor adorned with the hanging lights. You can take inspiration and get creative to adorn your own space.

The hanging lights are those small details you can’t overlook as it can transform the whole room. We all know how perfect lighting sets up a perfect mood. The bamboo lights give that unique look which speaks of a perfect blend of modern and contemporary.

The bamboo lights come with detailed craftwork. Depending on your creative needs, you can design your space with the hanging lights. Perched upon on your favorite reading spot and you might get too comfy to walk out or to set the tone of your dining space so that those conversations never end.

Warm and Cozy, no one has said never!

2. Bamboo Chairs

Take some inspiration from this picture and decor your living room with one such comfy chair. The natural light brown color of the furniture sets a minimal appeal to your space. According to your creative needs, you can complement the other living room furniture by contrasting them like in the picture.  Here the cushions match with the teal pouf. Always play with the mix and match to create a soft hue in the ambiance.

The bamboo decoration can make your living room a more functional space. So donning up a chair that serves the purpose of both lounging and dining serves the purpose. Bamboo chairs when team- up coherently with living room furniture gives a boho touch to the overall décor.

 Casa Watkins Living blog in their bohemian section has some adorning pictures of bamboo chairs contrasting with green sofas—Ohh! and who can forget Oprah’s set of bamboo chairs with big green cushions under an oak tree. Can it be more comfortable than this?

The other great idea can be a bamboo swinging chair. It is more durable than the regular steel ones and given its material properties, bamboo chairs are scrape resistant, easy to clean, and easily movable. Place one such in a garden and enhance the natural element of the environment or put one in a balcony, where you can doze off while watching the rainy hues on a lazy afternoon.

3. Bamboo Bookshelf

bamboo book shelf

While designing your study, you can get caught in the loop of creativity ending with more accumulation than you need. The idea of arranging books to plants to mini-dolls to other handy arrangements in your sleek shelf can sometimes go awry. Time to remind some of Marie Kondo here.

Invest in one good sturdy bamboo bookshelf that creates a minimal look and sets a tone of organized space. There’s something nostalgic about bamboo bookshelves. Bamboo decoration

The study is where we want to be productive and focused. The furniture in the room has to encourage a comfortable space without any distractions. Keeping a bookrack that is easy to shift in which has a natural element to it, inspires the calm energy that a study room can demand.

Whether a voracious or a binge reader you are, there is no denying that a bookshelf with a slightly woody touch and subtle sleek look uplift the decor of your space. The eco-friendly bamboo encourages the correct vibe of the room to seal your focus while working or studying.

4. Bamboo Wall Accents

bamboo wall accents

The straw hats used as a wall accent in the picture is something you can inspire yourself to give a quirky touch to your space. Bamboo wall accents are those overlooked pieces that can turn around the whole look of your space just like a waist belt can make a difference to a loose fitted dress. The wall accents speak of the taste and mind of the dweller, thus reflects the ideology of your personality.

Depending on your taste, you can choose from various bamboo wall decors to tailor your needs. The list is endless from dream catcher to the wall art to bamboo plates. has in their archives some of the best bamboo decoration items for every possible room, you might want to have a peek into for some inspiration.

 To give a quirky touch to your bedroom hang a big dreamcatcher against the wall that radiates the chic tone of your space. You can also experiment with different bamboo crafts like tribal art pieces or putting up with bamboo adhesive shelf. If your mind crying out the (too-much) slogan than let me tell you about the Chongtong Bamboo Resort; an escapade in the lap of Darjeeling. The bamboo decoration in the resort is all about where everything matches everything. I have never experienced the magic of creating beauty with such minimal products. Unleash your creativity and experiment with a new way of bamboo décor

5. Bamboo Mirrors

bamboo mirror

The bamboo mirrors are the chicest products you can include in your home decor list to elevate the look of any chosen space. The intricate design of the product makes it look sturdy imparting a distinctive set of tone to the décor of the place. Putting up a big mirror can also make the walls look bigger and longer.

 Set up a bamboo mirror on the entryway of a room, if placed above the storage cabinets, it will enhance the look of the furniture as well. Putting up one big round mirror in the living room can further enhance the brightness of the room. Try using colorful cushions in your living room to compliment the wall mirror. It adds a chic element to your space.

6. Bamboo Accessories

Bamboo accessories come handy and they are the little adornments to alleviate your space.  Small or big events the accessories donned styling dazzles the decor. Innumerable bamboo products like tiny baskets, wind chimes, bamboo vase, bamboo jars, bamboo ceramic bowls, bamboo lamps, etc, can be incorporated easily to create any look of your want.

If you are planning to opt for a sophisticated look, bamboo flower vase are the correct go, you can match them with the bamboo baskets to create more elegance and just to turn around for a contemporary look, replace the vase with a bamboo lamp. You can play creatively with the different accessories to create the style you want.

7. Bamboo Planter Pot

The flowing linen against the backdrop of beautiful bamboo planters sounds too dreamy to be true yet not too difficult to achieve. Its handcrafted design adds a subtle layer to the aroma of the living room.

The planter pots are sturdy enough to donne a heavy planted shrub and thus everybody’s favourite, after all who says no to more oxygen.

Bamboo planters sought a minimal touch to the space, so make sure you place it in the open porch or beside the spacious window patio. Further the planter can complement the living room furniture, if matched with the light hues.

Benefits Of Using Bamboo

Switching to bamboo, the decor is a mindful choice to promote a natural way of living.  educates on the usage of bamboo. Refer to the website for an insightful overview of the benefits of bamboo. As the product maker Jenny Pinto says it aptly-“”I would like to see a future where we incorporate green principles with mainstream designs”

 Given that country’s best architecture firms and interior designers are investing in sustainable living, now there’s a maximum availability of home décor items made out of Bamboo that is both stylish and sustainable. Apart from the cult website Amazon and Pepperfry, here are the few e-commerce sites that sell bamboo products-





  Stay Natural Stay Stylish!               

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