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Best Bamboo Products to buy

It’s totally unquestionable that our lives are now dependent on technology, artificial intelligence, and what not you can possibly imagine. People are living practically in concrete jungles. Now, it is for you to decide whether you wish to continue living among this high tech fast pace of life; or, you wish to make it a little greener, adapt methods for sustainable living.

The more greener choices you make, more you are stepping towards sustainable livelihood. You can opt for greener choices by finding long lasting products, recycling your waste instead of sending it all out to the landfill, using eco friendly products and inculcating them in your daily life etc.

I certainly wish the world to be greener, healthier and pure. Don’t you wish the same? If yes, then start by using eco friendly products like bamboo. Bamboo is certainly a green and healthy choice to heal our mother Earth. If you wish to reduce the pollution levels, plant bamboo; toxins are removed and soil is regenerated. We know plants give out oxygen after intaking carbon dioxide; well you must be surprised by the fact that bamboo does it 4 times more effectively than the normal trees and plants.

Let us all have a look at some of the BEST Bamboo products you can buy for your daily life

1. BAMBOO TOWELS – You must not have even thought that there exist Bamboo Towels too! Yes, that’s right, there are Bamboo Towels too out there in the market. They are not only great absorbent but also really soft and continue to remain fresh and all new even after usage after years. They are more environmentally friendly than any other product out there alongside having quick regeneration capabilities.

Bath towels 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free download ...

2. BAMBOO FLOORS– No matter what kind of decor you wish to give to your penthouse, your farmhouse or your home, office, anything you can think of! They go with almost anything you can think of and yet look elegant making everything perfect to look at. Think planks of bamboo can be used to beautify the houses.

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3. BAMBOO BOTTLES – Everyday plastic bottles are manufactured in a huge chunk. These plastics add up in the landfills, water bodies and pollute the environment daily. In order to avoid this kind of situation, you can also contribute a little for your mother Earth. These bamboo bottles are reusable in nature. So, what are you waiting for, grab onto these bottles for healthier environment.

Amwoodo Bamboo Water Bottle, Capacity: 500 ML, Rs 380 /piece ...

4. BAMBOO SOLAR BATTERIES – Solar batteries are a great way of stepping towards a sustainable life. Many people across the globe face the issue of low battery at one or another time in life. What they can do is, contribute a sum of money towards a bamboo solar battery charger. With this you get two benefits; one using solar power and saving the environment & two, using bamboo as its base as another eco-friendly product.

Triple C 'iSolar Backup' Portable Solar Battery | Solar battery ...
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5. BAMBOO STRAWS -As per reports, over 500 million of plastic straws are used by the Americans in just one day. Also, they have no clue as to how they can recycle those plastic straws which add up to junk.

People sitting and relaxing at the side of beaches, use these straws, and often throw them in the sea or ocean. That accumulated waste can affect aquatic life at large. It’s really high time that you must abandon these plastic straws and start using eco -friendly bamboo straws. You will be glad to know that bamboo has antibacterial qualities; so you can use it in your milkshakes, energy drinks, juices, etc.

Drinking Bamboo Straws at Rs 5/piece | Bamboo Straw | ID: 20515274648

6. BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSHES – Do you know that landfills have around 2 billions of plastic toothbrushes junked up every year. That doesn’t change the hygienic factor of not brushing up the teeth. Try using bamboo toothbrushes, they are not just recyclable but also eco friendly in every possible way you can think of. Don’t wait up and start using these toothbrushes right away!

7. BAMBOO TOILET PAPERS – If you are actually concerned about our mother Earth, then it is highly recommended to use Bamboo toilet papers right away. It not only saves a lot of water but also leads to the reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Don’t overthink, just use it right away.

Bamboo Toilet Paper – Intelligent Living

8. BAMBOO UTENSILS – There are a lot of paper plates, glasses etc available out there in market. Also, if you are an eco-friendly person, disposable cutlery might annoy you a lot. Bamboo utensils or cutlery are great eco friendly, natural products. You need to keep the same in your bag and wash it whenever you intend to use it.

Organic Bamboo Essentials Utensil Set of 4 – bambu

Listed above are all the bamboo products you can use in daily course of life. Start by small step because every effort counts; after-all, we all wish to live in a cleaner, greener, and safer environment. Don’t we? Using bamboo products can be one such step towards the sustainable mode of living life.

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