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Environment-Bamboo grows naturally in many places that are not suitable for traditional farming and requires little water for successful growth. Bamboo also processes large amounts of carbon dioxide. It is 35% more efficient at recycling carbon dioxide than any other tree. This is very useful when considering the rapid deforestation of the world’s forests. Bamboo is found in diverse climates from tropical to frigid zones. It is naturally regenerated and can be harvested in three to five years, making it a very sustainable crop. Another great advantage of bamboo is that it does not require chemicals for its production. If this means having clothes that can be worn safely, and without chemicals, of course, this must be the main reason to buy bamboo clothes.

Working in the sustainable fashion space lends itself to a great deal of intentionality when it comes to the “hows” of the production. Where it was made? Who made it? What materials were used?
Yet a less explored and arguably just as important question stands: Why do you wear it? What does it say about the one who is wearing it? What’s the occasion? We often present clothing as singular occasion must-haves- the little black dress for the night out. The sheer cover up for the beach. The blazer for the office. Yet fashion is more than the color of the season or the length of a skirt; fashion is a way to spread ideas, concepts, philosophies, and zeitgeist.

Sustainable fashion is the intersection between social responsibilty and environmentalism. Although we live in a age where mass consumerism is triumphing all, the fair trade movements is definitely growing more traction for the millennial generation that questions more and engages deeply. When everything is concentrated on making profits, what you see is that the environment and human rights get lost.

So little we can do is to switch to bamboo clothing towards saving the earth and living in sustainability. Bamboo fibre is one of the ideal materials that have immense advantages. Bamboo fibre fabric has some feature that are considered as its benefits. Hypoallergenic-bamboo dough is naturally hypoallergenic. This is a tremendous advantage to individuals who experience the ill effects of hypersensitivities. Regularly individuals endure chafing and frequently excruciating rashes from wearing attire which have been delivered utilizing substance forms. Recently these individuals find that they can wear clothes made out of bamboo without encountering any of the responses they get from different textures and this is particularly essential in connection to individuals with respiratory issues.

· Anti-mildew is a great quality for bamboo clothing, especially in humid climates. Clothes can be stored and remain dry and odorless.
· UV resistant, perfect for athletes and those who need to work or play in the sunlight.
· Naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. This implies that they will stop the development of bacteria and give you the confidence that they will not smell.
· Insulation properties. Bamboo has very good thermal insulation, but it is also breathable. In other words, it is warm in winter and cool in summer.
· Moisturizing Moisture- Bamboo has the incredible benefits of keeping skin moist and keeping it cool and dry. It has the astounding advantage of drawing dampness far from your skin which keeps you new and dry. This makes it perfect for sportspeople, trampers or any individual who invests a considerable measure of energy outside.
· Body odor can be a real annoyance for some people, and bamboo clothing can be the solution you want to trust.
· Easy to clean- Bamboo clothing is easy to clean because it can be washed with cold water. Also, the amount of soap is minimal due to its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

In the time like now people are bending more towards nature and seek highly of natural, green, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. To keep in mind many budding and established designers are realising that in the severe competiton of clothing market, raw materials and fabrics play an important role to get ahead in the race. They started using bamboo and other environmentally raw materials in the making of fashionable clothes. Some of the brands even started adding bamboo in their label name such as Bamboo century in order to attract customers. Although this big change in the fashion industry proved to be a win-win situation.

Beyond the role of fashion as a means of self expression, there’s power in your dollar. The focus is not solely towards the medium of aid to the lesser privileged- rather, allowing artisans fair trade wages and premiums to workers. A large majority of what we pay had ended up far from those who need it. Although it would be wrong to strip relief aid of all potential good in can initiate, in terms of the long term, charity is not solution. However when it comes to one’s skills- leading to micro enterprise, microfinance to name a few- a chance towards economic development is born: something enduring, which is what most of the ethical brands strive to do.
And so, although at the end of the day it might be a tough to rid one’s self of the sentiments of detachment and see your clothes as catalysts of change, the truth of the matter is that they hold a great deal of social responsibility and environmental consequences. So whether it’s through engaging in fair trade purchases, to thrifting, to simply consuming less, the time is now to add depth to the sphere of fashion.

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