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Bamboo Fiber- 6 Awesome Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fiber is simply amazing. We all read such statements about Bamboo while searching for ideal sustainable clothing on the internet. But do you know what makes it sustainable?

Apart from being highly versatile and stupendous fabric, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Within a few months, a bamboo tree grows fully whereas other trees take approximately 30 years. Imagine the availability of such a great fiber. 

Just like the speed of its growth, bamboo fabric is gaining huge popularity in the world of fashion. Where it can be utilized in a range of uses, it can also be transformed into a variety of clothing items for diverse purposes and seasons. What other reasons make bamboo fiber a perfect fit for any body type?

  1. Anti-allergic and anti-bacterial
  2. Breathable
  3. Perfect form every season
  4. UV rays protection
  5. Easy to keep
  6. Strong fibers

Anti-allergic and anti-bacterial bamboo fiber 

Bamboo fiber

As one of the marvelous features of Bamboo Fiber, the clothes made from the magnificent tree can be worn by anyone with sensitivity issues. Moreover, studies have shown that in many cases, wearing bamboo fiber can actually protect you from various skin-related problems, relieve you from any skin-related allergy and other problems. 

The claim for bamboo clothing being antibacterial and antifungal comes straight from nature. The bamboo tree grows without the use of any chemical or fertilizer from which it could intake bacterial characteristics. The ability to resist microbes and highly distinctive fungal enzymes are known as ‘bamboo Kun’.

Besides that, when bamboo is transformed into the gorgeous fabric, it undergoes various tests and cleansing that simply concludes these features. Therefore, bamboo fiber is a perfect fit for people with harsh skin conditions, especially children with eczema. 

Extremely breathable and absorbent

bamboo fiber

Do you know bamboo fiber is also known for its capillary or wicking effect? Well, this means that it has a brilliant quality to pull moisture away from the body. Not only this but bamboo fiber has the highest ability to soak moisture and evaporate it away. The time sweat appears on the skin surface, bamboo shows its wicking effect magic and vanishes the sweat, unlike synthetic fibers that cause terrible skin conditions. Now, imagine how breathable this awesome fabric is. 

Digging more into it, as compared to other natural fiber such as cotton, the space between each fiber is more in bamboo than others. This is what makes it more breathable making it an ideal fabric for hot weather. 

Fit for every season

BAMboo fiber

How nice would it be to have a fabric that we could wear in both winters and summers? Well, to stop your search for that quintessential fabric, let us know one more quality of bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber has the thermo-regulating characteristic which means that it changes as per the need for the temperature. Additionally, as it keeps the skin dry and protects from bacterial infections, bamboo clothes are absolutely perfect for every season. 

Sun-protected natural fabric

BAmboo fiber

Sunlight is one of the essential elements one needs to stay healthy and wholesome because our body needs Vitamin D that comes from the sun. However, sometimes the harmful rays (UV radiations) that come from the same source can be potentially risky for the skin. This is the reason why many people search for an ideal fabric that can protect their skin from such harmful rays. Now talking about ideal fabric, bamboo fiber turns out to be a perfect choice to deal with such problems. 

Bamboo fiber is extremely renowned for its property to possess high UV protection without the use of any chemical. Even if bamboo fiber is mixed with any other fiber, the amount of bamboo used ensures its ability to retain UV rays protection. For this reason, moreover, many baby clothes, and maternity clothes use bamboo to keep them protected from the sun rays. 

Easy to keep

Bamboo fiber

You might think bamboo is pretty difficult to keep but the truth is that it is very simple to take care of bamboo fiber. It can be kept nicely like other cloth items. Also, when it comes to washing bamboo clothes, it can be washed in cold water without the use of any environmentally unfriendly softener. 

Many clothes produced using bamboo fiber are often wrinkle-resistant as compared to other fabrics. Furthermore, one can iron the fabric with a lower temperature whenever needed. 

Super strong and comfortable

BAMboo fiber

Now let’s focus on its comfortability. There are no sharp spurs that make clothes made with bamboo fiber softer than silk. Delicate items such as underclothing, babywear, diapers, towels, and even socks can be manufactured out of the bamboo fiber. These become quite popular just because of its incredible comfort, skin-fresh feels, and velvet-like softness. Besides, items made with bamboo fibers are extremely durable and flexible. 

To keep a distance from damaging bacteria, it is significant to stay away from chemicals as much as possible. Hence, when it comes to bamboo, it is treated without the use of any chemical making it naturally smooth.  

Final word

There are a lot more than 1000 species of bamboo available across the globe. Growing in different temperatures and climatic conditions, fibers extracted from bamboo are turning out to be a big hit in the fashion world. Moreover, a fabric with such excellent quality deserves to achieve great popularity amongst consumers.

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