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Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the earth, it grows upto 98 inches in just 24 hours. It is practically a grass and is the tallest member in it’s grass family.

They’re mainly found in Asia, Africa and in some parts of America. The most important quality of a bamboo is it’s renewable and environment friendly nature.

The natural waxy surface of bamboo.

This quality of bamboo makes it safe from general health hazards caused by chemically intoxicated paints.

It can be soaked in it’s own resin thus making the surface impenetrable to insects, protecting from insect manifestation.

Pesticides are not used while cultivating Bamboo thus making it an eco-friendly alternative.

The cultivation of bamboo reduces pollution upto 35% in the atmosphere. Oxygen is also produced on large scale if bamboo is cultivated.

The roots of bamboo keeps soil erosion in check , by creating a water barrier. They also consumes high quantity of nitrogen thus reducing water pollution.

Alos, it’ll be a useful step to cultivate Bamboo near industrial areas as it will use the waste materials for it’s own growth.

Thus, the use of Bamboo as an alternative should be encouraged to make our planet green and pollution free.

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