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SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO CLOTHING: Do we make market aesthetic or ethics?

Due to growing concerns for environmental issues such as increasing manufacturing pollution, increasing carbon footprint, and increased awareness about the environmental hazards caused by human-made materials like synthetic fibre composites and interest for sustainable natural fibre composites have developed over recent years, particularly owing to their low density, low cost, high stiffness, strength-to-weight ratios, and improved sustainability. Examples of such natural fibres include bamboo, hemp, flax, and wool. There is a progression in the industry to use natural fibres, including for structural applications, in the form of reinforcing fibres.

Among various natural fibres, bamboo is one of the most desirable options due to its low density and high strength properties. In the process of making bamboo fiber fabric, bamboo is used as the raw material and is made into new-type fabric after weaving. It is smooth and soft, antibacterial, breathable and moisture-absorbing, environmentally friendly, uvioresistant, natural and healthy, comfortable and beautiful. Bamboo fiber fabric is truly a kind of natural and environmentally friendly fiber. As bamboo fiber fabric completely duplicates the inherent characteristics of bamboo fiber, it is welcomed by consumers, and the demand for its products is increasing year by year. Development prospect of bamboo fiber fabric. The raw material of natural bamboo fiber fabric comes from purely natural and reproducible bamboos, and the abandoned clothes are biodegradable, so it is environmentally friendly and beneficial to human being’s health, and it meets the tendency in world brand clothing design. In contrast to other blending fibers, bamboo fiber has various excellent features and broad prospects in the market of brand clothing products, and is popular with consumers. It is particularly the case in the current society where various bacteria are infecting a large amount of people and the influenza is widespread. As a result, people are increasingly keen on the brand clothes made of bamboo fiber fabric.

In the situation of environmental degradation as well as the severe competition of international clothing market, it’s not possible for brand clothes to be outstanding just because of their moving brand story, hundreds of years of history and its fancy and trendy styles. Now people pay more attention to whether the clothes they wear are “green“, which is similar to customers’ desire for green food. Bamboo fiber fabric contains the natural features of bamboo fabric, and it has wide applications, such as towel, bathrobe and underwear. Now, more bamboo fiber fabric is applied in brand clothing design. As bamboo fiber fabric is extracted from the nature, it has invaluable function in health care. Moreover, it delivers a feel as silk, and meanwhile has the function to automatically keep the balance of temperature of human body. Therefore, bamboo fiber fabric plays an increasingly important role in brand clothing design.

It is well known that bamboo itself has the function of anti-bacterial, so in the whole period of it growth, pesticide is not required. As a result, it does not cause any extra pollution to the air and environment. The whole process ensures the ecology of bamboo fiber is non toxic, particularly the fabric made of bamboo growing in original ecology, and is completely produced by physical method. In the whole process of raw material, the complete green production is employed, which produces 100% green fiber. The green fiber is spined to be the bamboo fiber fabric, and meanwhile, as bamboo fiber and its fabric have good biodegradability, they can be exploded completely and return to the nature without polluting the environment. Since bamboo fiber fabric is environmentally friendly, a feature welcomed by customers, more and more clothing brands start to use it when designing clothes.

Bamboo fiber performs well in smoothness and white degree, and the dyed fabric has elegant and vivid colors with gloss, besides, it has verticality feature and a graceful and natural sense. When we touch the bamboo fiber fabric or wear it on our body, we can feel its tenderness and comfort as well as notice the elegant and smooth appearance. For example, the white clothes that the hostess Lu Yu wore in an advertisement as the spokeswoman of On you makes us highly praise that clothes made of bamboo fiber fabric look comfortable and fitting. The function of vertical compliance and aesthetics cannot be replaced by many other fabrics, and its comfort and aesthetic function is perfectly illustrated in brand clothing design.

The key component of bamboo fiber is cellulose, which goes through the complicate bamboo pulp fiber extraction process during the course of production and forms the natural plane shape in semi-circle, or plum blossom or crescent arrangement on the cross section, with irregular saw tooth at the edge, creating vertical and horizontal surfaces of uniform gloss. When the shell fabric is laid flat on the table top, you will see a lot of shallow grooves. In the whole course of bamboo fiber fabric, both the bamboo fiber extraction and fabric production consists of very complicate and scientific process, producing bamboo fiber fabric with excellent dehumidification ability, moisture liberation and conductivity. The fabric can instantly absorb the sweats and allows the moisture to evaporate rapidly when the human body sweats. Therefore the fabric neither goes mouldy easily nor becomes a hotbed of bacteria. Moreover, this environmental-friendly fabric also has very unique structural configuration, with good friction coefficient on the surface and good force of friction and cohesive force in the fiber. As one of the fabrics with good environmental friendliness, the bamboo’s good moisture absorptive plays certain positive role in protecting environment, catering to the faddish theme of environmental protection of the recent years. Therefore, the bamboo fiber fabric will be widely applied in the brand clothing design.

The bamboo fiber fabric has good environmental-protection property, strong healthcare function, and comforting and good appearance as well as excellent moisture absorptive and other environmental-friendly functions. As the maximum fabric manufacturing country, the research of bamboo fabric will greatly facilitate the development of textile industry, realize the replacement of cotton with bamboo fibers in part, and avoid the damages to environment imposed by the production and use of some environment.

Therefore this fabric has become one of the ideal fabrics for the brand clothing designers. Moreover, the consumers are very concerned about the environment issues and the health degree of clothes, which poses high requirements for the clothing fabrics to different extents. In these aspects, the bamboo fabric has rather high advantages when compared to other fabrics. Therefore the bamboo fiber fabrics will take up great market prospect and gain more perfect application in the brand clothing design. This will contribute to the global efforts for the design of future construction projects in response to climate change, by enhancing the resilience of green/semi-green materials.

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