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Today, we are very familiar with the term,”POLLUTION”. By reading this, you may came across with dozens of pictures of industrial wastes,oil industries,chemical factories,etc. Yes , all of them play a major role in the contribution for polluting earth. But do you know that, among these the greatest contributor is Fashion industry. Today’s fast fashion industry deliver majority of pollution like water pollution,carbon emission, groundwater pollution ,etc.By opting eco-friendly clothing, there will be a significant reduction in this current environmental scenario .

In India,Over 12000 suicides were reported annually in the agricultural sector since 2013.The main cause for this disaster is lack of groundwater. The reason behind the establishment of sustainable clothing industry is that this needs less water.

So that the water bodies wont be spoiled and hence enrich the environment.


  • Satisfaction for saving earth.
  • Have positive effect over skin by reducing UV exposure.
  • Cooling effect and absorbs sweat.
  • Light weight.
  • Have various sources like Bamboo,organic cotton,hemp,etc.


  • Exaggerated positive contents.
  • Misleading and manipulative terms
  • Mostly not economic .
  • Not accessible for greater population.
  • Not all brands are sustainable some are just mocking it to gain popularity.


Just when we were looking up the internet for the top global sustainable clothing brands, we stumbled upon The Good Trade (, whose top-ranked brands had quite an impact on our search for the right resource. One thing we would confess is that we have slightly twisted the rankings in order to make it tailor-made for our audience.

First up, we have:


A Los Angeles – based clothing brand that follows Carbon-neutral and green building practices, recycling, and uses sustainable materials.
Centred on feminism, their product range includes all kinds of apparel, denim, wedding, and shoes. The brand’s website shows you the amounts of water and carbon dioxide waste were circumvented during the procession of each garment. Be it tees, dresses, denim, or wedding options, Reformation creates an eco-friendly occasion for every brand.


A South African brand with a swell in eco-friendly practices, fine assembly lines, streamlined shipping procedures. Once again, we have women ruling the product range. It has everything, from women’s tops and bottoms to swimwear, sweaters, and dresses.
Think of simplicity, diligence, craftwork, and spellbinding style, and Cuyana would rule your heart at first glance. Every domestic online purchase comes with a complimentary shipping label. Cuyana invests in high-quality materials looking out for the planet’s health.

BODEN logo

This London-based company follows the whole range of eco-friendly practices, including eco-friendly packaging, that helps produce sustainable cotton through a transparent supply chain. Unlike the earlier two brands, the product range of Boden includes adult and children’s apparel, outerwear, and occasion-wear. Boden is a unique brand when it comes to sourcing and supply chain. With its lenses on all-round sustainability, the company uses sustainable and organic cotton.


This London-based company has every eco-friendly and sustainable practice in its place. It produces Tencel and organic cotton, with a wide variety ranging from women’s dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, tops, skirts, and essentials. The fair trade certified brand uses GOTS-approved dyes. Its products have a streak of vibrancy going into every product.


This US-based brand not only believes in following eco-friendly practices, but also gives back to society by recycling and using natural materials produced under sustainable practices. The brand offers adult apparel, handbags, shoes, and jewellery. Founded a decade ago by two partners, EcoVibe clothing is a good mix of ethical practices. You can’t ask for more when you have billowy floral dresses, Tencel denim button-ups, strappy jumpsuits, and inclusive sizing options right up the shelf.


This Vancouver, Canada-based brand tops up with sustainable fabrics, responsible and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. As for the rhyme behind the name TenTree, it’s simple: it plants ten trees for every item purchased. Its product range includes adult apparel, outerwear, and accessories. The company has a goal of planting one billion trees by 2030. It has achieved a milestone of over 32 million trees as of today.

ALTERNATIVE APPAREL alternate apparel

This US-based brand toes eco-friendly and organic practices, uses low-impact dyes, recycled materials and fibres. It offers adult apparel and accessories for home. A leader in eco-friendly production of clothing, it is a mighty brand from the viewpoint of eco-fleece for jackets or organic cotton in tanks. You call for comfort and the brand keeps it simple: seriousness in delivery of top products. 


This US-based brand is entrenched in the zero waste philosophy, use of non-toxic dyes, and sustainable sourcing. The product range is made for women and babies. It includes women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, sweaters, and baby-wears. The company dwells upon the twin co-existence of sustainability and grand fashion.


This Denmark-based 100 per cent eco-certified brand produces organic cotton, through sustainable production processes, and solar & wind energy.
The product range includes adult underwear, bras, and socks.


This US-based GOTS Certified brand ethically follows eco-friendly practices. It makes Organic cotton. The product range ranges from adult apparel, underwear, and dresses to tops, bottoms, and loungewear. Pact ensures that its organic process enriches the farmers’ lives. The brand’s organic cotton uses up to 95 per cent less water than traditional cotton and avoids the use of chemicals.

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