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6 best bamboo products for home décor

Bamboo products have been used over a long period of time. People are inclining towards more sustainable developed products. Bamboo products are one of them.

Bamboo has been considered as one of the most ancient grasses. This has been used over years now. Bamboo strength is considered similar to softwood timber.  Over a period of time there is an increase in bamboo product manufacturing. People are using bamboo for several purposes. They are using it for home decor, sustainable products development even the clothing brands are switching to bamboo.  People are shifting to sustainable goods. They are investing in the market for the goods made using natural products. Bamboo is one of the mostly found natural grasses. This is widely found in Asian countries.

This article talks about the 6 best home décor products made by bamboo. Home décor is usually a priority for many people. Everybody wants to decorate their home to make it look ravishing. Here is a list of some products made of bamboo. You can add them in our home to give make your home look more beautiful. They look extremely beautiful. They will give a pop of dimension in your home.  The bamboo décor will give an ancient vibe.

Basic uses of bambo

Bamboo is grown widely in the Asian countries. Bamboos have many uses. If you see the village areas people have cultivated the grass over a large place. Basically bamboo is a strong grass which can be used in multiple ways.  Bamboo has been used to make houses in the villages. The grass is very strong and it is durable too.  Bamboo is widely used in the architectural areas. This is used to make bridges and roads too. Bamboo clothing is the new sustainable clothing method.  

People are inkling towards the Eco friendly ways of living. Bamboo has played a major role in this.  Bamboo has been seen in the making of medicines too. This has many components that can cure different disease. This is widely used in the area of medical science. Instruments and other things like utensils and furniture’s are also made up from bamboo. Bamboo products have seen a huge sale over a period of time.  Accessories paper fuel food what not is made up using bamboo.  

This article talks about the bamboo products for home décor. Everyone wants to focus on the presentation of their houses. People spend a lot of money on ow they want their houses to look. They focus on many pointers for example the products they are buying should match the vibe of their room. Bamboo products are one the options that can be used to give your house a better look. Bamboo products provide an aesthetic look with some nature vibes. So if you are into natures and environment kind of vibes these bamboo products are the best options to go for. They are natural plus they provide a beauty to your rooms.


Reading the complete article you will come across some of the bamboo products for home décor. There are end numbers of bamboo product range in the market. There are many other creative home décor items too. You can also DIY using bamboo. The links provided will take you to the online sites. This will help you in making a decision. You can go for other sites too.  The links are for reference purpose. You can surf and have more ideas about the products. This will give you an idea if you want to go for DIYs too.

In short the article will give you a small sneak peek to the products available in market with great quality and options. Some products are bit expensive as they are made by pure bamboo with handcrafting and manufactured. There are small businesses emerging in the field of bamboo product. People DIY them and then sell it online and offline both. So if you want to invest on bamboo products for the home decor purpose you can reads the article and know about some of the options available. These bamboo products are available both online and offline. So if you want to know about what where and how useful these bamboo products are continue reading the article.

content table

Basic uses of bamboo
6 bamboo products for home décor
·         Bamboo wind chimes
·         Bamboo curtains
·         Bamboo macramé
·         Bamboo vase
·         Bamboo rugs
·         Bamboo wall covering

 6 bamboo products for home décor

1. Bamboo wind chimes

First of all who doesn’t love the sound made by a wind chime? Everybody has a wind chime in their home. Those wind chimes are usually made of metal or any other element. You can always go for another alternative that is bamboo wind chime. Bamboo wind chime has many benefits.  They aren’t loud in comparison to the metal one. The sound produced by the wind chime is serene and soothing.  They look natural and beautiful at the same time. They are perfect for medication purpose too. These are one of the best bamboo products find in the market.

The sound produce by the wind chime soothes the mind and calms the body.  You can hang them anywhere you want. Make sure you place it at a point where the wing hits the chime. This will produce that beautiful sound.

They are amazing for home décor purpose. They will add a musical vibe to the house. Also they look beautiful hung at places. They will give that aesthetic vibe all around. Bamboo wood chimes are better option to buy over metal wind chimes. You can it find both online and offline.

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2. Bamboo curtain

Here is the another bamboo product that you will find easily in the market. Everyone needs a curtain on their windows to protect their room from a hefty amount of sunlight. There are many artificial chicks made up of wood and cloth. Bamboo curtains are a way to do that. They don’t allow sunlight to pass in the room. They are stylish yet durable at the same time. They are the best option for tropical theme interior. They are an Eco friendly choice. Also they are easy to maintain. You just have to dust or wipe them. There is no need to wash. This saves a lot more time. They look beautiful yet classic at the same time.

They provide an extra wow factor to the room or the home décor. They are easy to find low on maintenance. These bamboo curtains wont allow sunlight to pass. It will ensure light in a generous amount but not a full brighten up room. You can adjust the light source by pulling it up or down according to your preference.

One thing you need to keep in mind is they are bit fragile. Bamboo curtain will look descent with any room type. You can use this on any theme. You can paint it of your choice. They are easy to assemble. They provide looks and protection at the same time. They are available both offline and online. You can search it according to your need. If you buy them offline the seller will provide the person who will assemble it on your windows. If you can work on it you can easily assemble this yourself.

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3.Bamboo macramé

If you want to put something other than frames on the wall macramé are the great option.  They give out an aesthetic vibes. They give an ancient décor vibes on the wall. Also they are washable. They are made of wool. They last longer. You can also find the combination of jute and bamboo macramé. There are many designs available. You can find many sizes too.

They look aesthetically pleasant. They give an extra dimension to the wall. They add vibrant colors to the wall. You can surely skip frames for macramé.

You can also DIY them. They can be easily made in the homes. They are available both offline and online too.

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4. Bamboo vase

You can always keep a vase as a showpiece. If you want to give your room a greenery or environment friendly vibes vase is the option to can go for. Bamboo products includes a wide range of vase in them A small vase on the bed side also looks great. It adds the pinch of nature to the décor of then room. Bamboo vase are great to invest on.

First of all they are Eco friendly. The built of the vase is sturdy. the vase will look beautiful on the walls or the shelves they are kept in. you can keep them in your bed room too. hang them on the walls. They will make the room more beautiful and properly arranged.

The vase looks extremely beautiful. You can plant your small leaf plants and flower plants.  They will add color to the room. You can use the bamboo vase in drawing room too. They will look pleasant. Also planting small plants inside room gives positive vibes. These vase are easily available offline and online too. You can always find discounts on different sites. They are worth spending your hard earn penny.

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5. Bamboo Rugs

They will look a bit out dated but adds some aesthetic factor to the room. They give an ancient vibes. They are great home décor option. If you are into ancient vibes you can go for the rugs. They look beautiful especially in the garden area.

They are affordable. Easy to clean and maintain. You can find them both online and offline on reasonable price. 

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6. Bamboo wall covering

Ever thought of having one wall made up of bamboo?  You can go for bamboo wall coverings. They will faux look of bamboo. They look great. This will give nature vibes in the room. They make the room look more decent yet beautiful. You can cover one wall using this bamboo wall covering. This will give your room an aesthetic turnover. Your room will look classy. This is something out of the box.

These bamboo wall covering are again available both online and offline. They are bit on expensive side. You can always avail discounts on special occasion. so if you want to add on an extra element to your home decor you can go for wall covering of bamboo.

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