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A versatile material which leads to a sustainable lifestyle is bamboo. Bamboo is an equipment which is used extensively around the world and is gaining the ground with wide popularity.

The world is facing a huge environmental problem and the harmful products like plastic are getting renovated by sustainable products such as bamboo. Bamboo is misunderstood to be a type of wood. But in reality, it is not wood but a type of grass which is harder than the oak and has amazing uses.

Not only bamboo is used for medicinal purposes, but it is also used for various other factors such as in clothing, as a food, for construction and so on. It is also utilized in scaffolding. Why not have a look at :

Bamboo stuff is not used in a new manner. From ancient times, bamboo is used as a crucial tool in the daily lives of the people. To give an interesting fact as a part to tell that the bamboo stuff is used from a very long time is that Thomas Edison, who invented the glass bulb, used bamboo as a filament in it. Similarly, Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the first phonograph, used bamboo as a material to make it.

Let us have a quick glance at the medicinal purposes of it as well. The shoot of the bamboo plant is used as a medicine for kidney diseases. Leaves of the bamboo plant are used to treat cancer and other related diseases. The water, which is released from the branches of the bamboo plant are used to treat diseases of the bones.

Since it has so many benefits, let’s look at some of the bamboo products which are replacing the use of plastic and look extremely stylish as well as are sustainable in the long run.

1. Bamboo Towels

Most of the people use cotton towels in their homes and wash it regularly as it gets dirty and needs regular cleaning. So, if you are not fond of washing regularly, you should switch to bamboo towels. Not to mention, bamboo towels save your time as they need less washing.

They are anti-bacterial in nature and are softer than a regular towel that you use in your daily life. I don’t think there is anyone out there who doesn’t like to have a soft touch of towel after every shower. Bamboo towels are a must for those people as they are enticing and prevent the moist that grows in towels. You can buy bamboo towels from here:

bamboo towels
bamboo towels

2. Bamboo Utensils

More than 80% of people use steel and aluminium utensils because of their durability. But don’t you want to switch it to something extra durable with a less price range that has more features than the regularly used utensils and is more beautiful? Well yes, everyone wants such natural products. So the second item in this must-have list is the bamboo utensils.

The main features of bamboo utensils include its durability, affordable price as well as its resistance to stain and odour. Bamboo has a beautiful feature of a smooth finish which gives an attractive appearance and is safe with the non-stick cooking surfaces. It is comfortable to use and is extremely strong and durable in nature. You can look bamboo utensils here:

bamboo utensils
bamboo utensils

3. Bamboo floors

Majority of the people use tiles or wood as a material for their flooring in their homes. But what they miss is the option of bamboo flooring. Bamboos are highly durable and extremely strong. If you compare your commonly used floor tiles and bamboo flooring, you will notice that the tiles get break easily when you put some heavy object on it.

Bamboo floors can hold huge pressure and weight. It also resists moisture and does not swell due to the moisture and water problems. It is eco-friendly and renewable. Bamboo floors are not high maintenance and refinishing is not required at frequent intervals. It is naturally beautiful and acts as a thermal insulator. You can look here:

Bamboo tiles and flooring

4. Bamboo Toothbrushes

What do you think of regular plastic toothbrushes in terms of its working? The most common answer that comes is that it cleans your teeth and is durable at an affordable price. But have you thought of the chemicals and harmful effects of plastics that come together with the advantages? So, here, another must-have benefit is that of the bamboo toothbrushes which have better qualities in comparison to a regular plastic toothbrush.

A regular toothbrush is easy to decompose and offers a better quality of cleaning. Compared to a regular plastic toothbrush, which is recommended to change every three to six months, a bamboo toothbrush works more and is bio-degradable, thus, no environment pollution. You can look them up here:

bamboo toothbrush

5. Bamboo Hairbrush

Are your hairbrushes also made of plastic? Don’t you think that its time to move on and look for some new and more effective items? Not just it is sustainable but also bio-degradable. Isn’t it just classy that you use eco-friendly products? A hairbrush is a tool which is used in your routine tasks. You must be thinking that you have never faced any problems while using a plastic hairbrush so why should you switch to this? Well, let’s see some of the benefits of the bamboo hairbrush.

A bamboo hairbrush helps to distribute natural oils that are secreted by your scalp to keep your hair soft and shiny. They help you to avoid the frizziness in your hair. Using bamboo hairbrush helps you to improve the blood circulation, helping you to grow your hair faster than ever. You can look at them here:

Bamboo socks.PNG
bamboo hairbrush

6. Bamboo Socks

In how much time do you change your socks or replace it with a new pair? If you are a regular office going person or wears daily socks on a daily purpose for your exercise schedule or office attire, then you should look for a softer and anti-bacterial pair of socks. Bamboo socks are here to save your research work.

Bamboo socks are softer and anti-bacterial in nature which helps to absorb the moisture from your skin and keeps your feet drier, thus, eliminating foot odour. Not just this, it also gives you a luxurious experience and helps you to avoid diseases occurring due to the sweat generating under changing weather. You can look at them here:

bamboo socks
bamboo socks

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