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7 Eco-friendly Sustainable Bamboo products

In an era of environmental degradation or deterioration by depleting the resources is resulting in an unsustainable lifestyle. And to maintain a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle we need to adapt to changes in our day-to-day lives where we should replace all the harmful toxic products with environmentally safe products and as the one of the best eco-friendly choice, here bamboo products comes to our rescue.

Bamboo is a perennial grass plant and is mostly known for its environment friendly quality. It is a sustainable crop which doesn’t need any fertilizer and self-regenerates from its own roots. Bamboo has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties which makes it more sustainable and is thus claimed to be a miracle crop. Bamboo is more beneficial as it absorbs carbon dioxide two times more than other trees and is great for environment.
It’s never too late to turn away from the toxic lifestyle that we are living today but in order to do so, we need to choose to be more eco-friendly. And to do so one of the sustainable ways to keep yourself and surroundings eco-friendly is by using bamboo products over plastic products and replacing most of the household items with bamboo based products.
Here in the following points we discuss the best eco-friendly bamboo products that’d help us step forward to a sustainable lifestyle.

  1. Bamboo toothbrush
    Unlike the plastic or electric toothbrushes that we use, bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable and are not harmful and are long lasting and are the best replacement of plastic toothbrushes. Bamboo toothbrushes eliminate the unnecessary waste and are naturally antimicrobial, we can compost them by removing the nylon bristles.
    Bamboo toothbrushes mechanically removes plaque from your teeth and are best for the ones who prefer healthy and environmentally safe products for their teeth cleaning choices. It’s the best eco-friendly choice and serves you fresh and sustainable cleaning.
  2. Bamboo toilet paper
    For someone who is more interested in using environmentally safe products, bamboo toilet paper is a must as it’s made up of recycled fibre and bamboo thus, it is so soft to touch and it prevents wastage of water, prevents deforestation and also helps in reduction of carbon emissions. Very less amount of water is used in the cultivation of bamboo than the paper. It’s one of the next best thing to using a bidet.
  3. Bamboo cutlery
    Choosing the perfect cutlery isn’t an art anymore because we are here looking forward to a healthy lifestyle while using more eco-friendly cutlery and, bamboo cutlery are the perfect choice. They are biodegradable, long-lasting, water-resistant and are strong and durable. Bamboo products do not absorb odors and are easy to clean. Bamboo is an exceptional material for kitchen. It doesn’t scratch the surfaces and is antimicrobial and lightweight. It is a preferable material than wood and plastic used in kitchen.
  4. Bamboo bottles
    Keeping ourselves hydrated in all means is also to keep ourselves healthy and to do so bamboo bottles should be replaced with all the harmful waste plastic bottles that we use for drinking. Every year millions of waste plastic bottles are piled in oceans and green spaces. Bamboo bottles are a better choice to have a bottle that is reusable, durable, stylish and also is eco-friendly to use. It’s interior structure makes the water safe and clean to drink at all temperatures. Bamboo bottles are itself a sustainable alternative to the plastic ones which leaches harmful chemicals.
  5. Bamboo fabric
    It is more reliable and environmental friendly than cotton. It is antibacterial which keeps you free from odor and makes you feel fresh and also smells great. It is highly sweat absorbent which makes it keep us dry. It keeps us cooler in summer and warmer in winters. It is one of the softest fabrics and it gets rid of the moisture faster. It is more absorbent than cotton and wicks away moisture from our skin keeping it dry and fresh. Moso Bamboo is a special bamboo species used in bamboo clothing. Bamboo sheets which are highly popular for its silky and soft touch and also better than microfiber.
  6. Bamboo flooring
    Bamboo floors are strong and super durable and are suitable for any design scheme. There are thick planks and darker varnished planks and also whitewashed bamboo planks which brings life to your dark furniture and floors. Solid bamboo floors are three times more stronger than that made of oak and this ensures lifetime reliability for all that foot stomping’s and heavy workouts and temper tantrums in a family and are preferably the best.
  7. Bamboo Leather
    As there is an increase in slaughtering of wild animals for different purposes but animal killing for leather is the most brutal and is commonplace. If we tend to make a difference then our only way is to purchase more of eco-friendly products than leather products and they are a better replacement. Bamboo handbags, bag packs, belts, watches, collar belts are good alternatives and it is hypoallergenic which makes it a worthwhile purchase for those with allergies and it smoothens the surface as the fibres are made without any chemicals. Bamboo leather is anti-microbial, biodegradable and is odor resistant.
    So as we tend to make a difference in our lives let us make it a positive and a healthier one. We alone cannot make the entire planet green but we can do our part while looking forward for a better future with less amount of environmental degradation and leading a sustainable lifestyle.

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