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Bamboo clothing: Make your contribution with this super cool sustainable clothing

Deep down you have a desire to do something for the environment? Of course, you should till there is enough scope left. One way to help the cause is simply switching to more nature-friendly clothing, which would not only benefit the nature but also provide you with an opportunity of luxurious clothing.

Bamboo clothing is made without any usage of artificial chemicals and hence can be the most environment -friendly. It is cent per cent biodegradable and the best hypoallergenic clothing available. Unlike wool or hemp, it will make your skin very comfortable ensuring overall comfort and peace of mind. With the presence of Bamboo Kun, an anti-bacteria agent it can be grown without the use of pesticides making it a healthier and more hygienic option for clothing, at the same time keeping you fresh and odour free for a longer span of time.

What good it does to your skin?

Adorn yourself with beautiful bamboo clothes and bless nature along with your skin.

It is kind to the skin: Bamboo clothing feels very soft on the skin and does not cause any sort of irritation which other materials could. It is extremely soft and comfortable keeping you fresh all the time.

Controlled temperature: Clothes made of bamboo are temperature friendly to ensure coolness during summers and warm in winters. Bamboo keeps itself cool even on sunny days, and the same property is also applicable to its textile form with the micro gaps present in the cross-section of the fabric.

It manages moisture: Bamboo is capable of wiping away the moisture on your skin to keep you cool, dry and comfortable all the time. It, therefore, becomes a good fabric to wear while exercising when your body temperature fluctuates. Bamboo clothes are undoubtedly a very good option for any weather all year round.

Prolonged Freshness: Moisture is unable to find space on bamboo clothing which keeps it fresh for a longer time as compared to other fabrics. Since it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, you can be sure to reduce the frequency of having to wash your clothes. Even while wearing it at once, you will be entitled to a fresher experience.

Controlled temperature: Bamboo clothing keeps your body temperature controlled, keeping you odour free and helping you adapt to the weather conditions. It also provides UV protection from about 90% of the rays to your skin, saving you from skin cancer.

Bamboo clothing process

What good it does to the environment?

Adapting bamboo clothing doesn’t only profit your skin, but also the environment you live in. Bamboo products are sustainable products which do not destroy nature at any rate. They are 100% biodegradable and do not disturb the cycles of nature. 

Helps clean the air: Bamboo is capable of releasing almost 35% as compared to other hardwood trees. It also absorbs as much as 5 times co2 from the air out of which two-third is often stored in root and soil system which stays in the ground.

Pesticide-free: Because of its antimicrobial properties, the growth of bamboo does not essentially require pesticides which are a major reason for damaging soil, contaminating drinking water and harming the ecosystem. The extensive roots of bamboo also help bind soil and prevent soil erosion.

Judicious use f water: Bamboo does not require more than a third of what cotton does helping in saving water.

Ease in cultivation along with wider usage: It is easier to cultivate bamboo irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions. With that, it has got usage in different kinds of industries.

Bamboo clothing men
Bamboo clothing women

Taking good care of your clothes

All you need to do to take care of your bamboo clothes is to wash them using the gentle cycle, making use of lukewarm or cold water and preferring line dried. One must refrain from machine drying and iron on low heat if required at all.

Eco-friendly Sustainable Clothing Brands

With the increasing go green awareness, the bamboo clothing industry has also expanded. It has started making its presence in the fashion industry with designers starting to look for more eco-friendly options. Brands such as No Nasties, Inner Sense, Cherry Crumble California, Chlorophile, ZeeZeeZoo, UV&W, Little Kangaroos, Green Leaf Organic and many others have diversified their collection into making bamboo products. You can easily shop beautifully made clothes at various online websites with a wide variety to offer you.  Online sites such as Nature Fab, Bamboo Tribe, Bamboo Organic Clothing, Indiamart, Bamboo Body and a lot of others provide you with an online facility to purchase bamboo clothing.

Having known all this, you can now be sure that Bamboo clothing is all fit to be your one-stop destination providing all the necessary feature – saving the environment, benefiting your skin, keeping you fresh, easy maintenance and a good fashion element.

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