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Drop Plastic, The Mighty Bamboo Will Save Us.

Unless you are living under a rock, you must have heard organic products are catching up to plastic. It’s high time that we should start looking for better alternatives for plastics and if used judiciously, Bamboo can be the perfect replacement ensuring a sustainable future.

Do you know that there are micro-plastics inside you right now?  Scientists have claimed that human beings may be consuming anywhere from 39,000 to 52,000 micro-plastic particles a year. Plastic has become the enemy of mankind. And earthlings are so much accustomed to it, that we are not even noticing the signs of destruction. It’s never too late, we need to think about the next-gen! Time has come that we start taking action and “ abort plastic!”. Now you might be thinking that if not plastic, then what? Hold on, we have a substitution for it – bamboo, the saviour. 

Used as a cheap replacement for timber, it is often known to be “poor man’s timber“. The lack of awareness for its uses is the main reason we are yet to make use of its full potential. It can be used for various purposes as construction, clothing, daily necessities and many more.

Here are a few cool facts we bet you didn’t know about bamboo :

  • It produces 35% more oxygen than a cluster of trees.
  • Its size depends on its variety. Some species can grow up to 1300 ft tall.
  • In China, ingredients from the black bamboo shoot are used to nurse kidney diseases. Leaves and roots have also been used to heal venereal diseases and cancer.

So, why should Bamboo deserve a chance?

It is available in abundance naturally. More than 1000 species of bamboo cover about 9.6 million hectares in India alone and 30 plus million hectares globally. Most species grow at a very fast rate, 90 centi-meters a day, and reach maturity in about a year or two. Thousands of people around the world make their living through Bamboo, making it the “Green Gold of the forest”. It has a total estimated trade value of US $60 billion. According to INBAR, “Bamboo and rattan can help millions of poor rural and urban producers lift themselves out of poverty and thrive.”

Apart from the socio-economic aspect, it plays a very significant role in the ecosystem. They absorb more carbon dioxide and release a large amount of oxygen into the atmosphere in comparison to any other tree. It grows organically and does not require any sort of pesticides, fertilisers, or irrigation to enhance growth. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of Bamboo, click here.  

Swap your Plastic Products with these Bamboo Products.

  1. Toothbrush: It is something that is used by us daily and has a major part in the production of plastic. As we know that plastics are not biodegradable, so you can just start using a bamboo toothbrush in place of plastic ones. Another advantage of the bamboo brushes is that they are antimicrobial, which eliminates the bacteria that penetrate the surface of the toothbrush keeping it bacteria-free. You can get yours from Amazon as they are selling not so typical toothbrushes.
Bamboo Brush are better alternatives.
Bamboo Brush
  1. Bamboo Straws: Bamboo is a treasure that has been with us since forever, but we never paid any attention to it. Single-use plastic like straws is the biggest threat to our oceans. Bamboo straws are reusable. When you feel like not using them anymore just toss it in your garbage heap and stay rest assured it’s not going to stick around like your toxic ex. Order your own from Orendaindia.
Bamboo Straw can replace single use plastic straw completely.
  1. Bottles: Plastic Bottles are something which we can find in every household, but once it gets unserviceable we throw it in a trash can that is sometimes eaten by stray animals or end up in our water bodies. Well, that’s not the same with bamboo bottles or flasks. Bamboo bottles are easy to use and to carry. Bamboahome has some exciting offers for you.
Bamboo Bottle are antibacterial and odorless.
Bamboo Bottle
  1. Kitchenware:  Bamboo kitchen wares are a must, it adds a fresh look to the kitchen. Plus they are an odor and stain-resistant by which kitchenware is made. And the best part is they are durable and affordable. Bambuhome is having very beautiful kitchenware at affordable prices.
Bamboo Kitchenware are cheap and durable.
Bamboo Kitchenware
  1. Carry Bags: The plastic bags which we use at shoppings are not reusable and cause lots of harm but bamboo fabric tote bags are, they are fashionable, washable. you can take them to work or for grocery shopping. You can get your stylish tote bags from Giskaa at really affordable prices.
Bamboo Carry Bags
  1. Furniture: Bamboo furniture adds a rustic touch to your decor and they are versatile also, you can mix and match it with metal or glass. Like plastic, it is lightweight and easily movable making it the perfect substitute. Plastic furniture is easily breakable and is causing harm to our blue planet. On the contrary, Bamboo is durable, strong, and completely eco friendly. You can even customise your own furniture. Birchlane is selling good and designer furniture that you can’t miss.
You can customise your own Bamboo furniture.
Bamboo Furniture
  1. Pet Products: Be a responsible paw-rent and buy your furry loved one’s eco-friendly products made from Bamboo. It is the best option for those who are concerned about carbon pawprint. We just can’t get enough of these puns, right?  Plus it is antimicrobial and odorless. Go to Petglam to buy the best pet products. They are having a wide range of organic collars, bowls, and leashes.
Bamboo pet collars are healthy.
Bamboo Collars

Our consumption of goods decides the production, if we will stop consuming plastic-made goods then there will be no production of it. Thankfully people are getting alarmed and using eco-friendly bamboo made products hence increasing their production. If you want to contribute to making the earth greener and healthier, now is a perfect time. 

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