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Bamboo Products Over Plastic.

Our planet has become over the years a dumping ground for garbage that has massive negative effects on our environment and future generations. With the ‘throwaway’ culture becoming more of a reality which appear to not be showing down, we’ll accumulate more and more pollution problems as times goes on, and the main culprit of all this pollution? Well the answer is plastic .

By each passing day plastic has changed our lives . Being one of the financially cheapest materials to produce on the planet and it’s ability to take many physical forms,it’s been a game changer. Think of every cell phone you have owned, every toothbrush,the packages one open when purchasing from a store and even material’s used inside the car everything is made up of plastic. Plastic has been a staple in the growth of our culture, society and economic influence but over the years it comes at a fairly high price. It’s high use have destroyed our environment . In what ways,one would ask? Well, some include:

  1. 50% of the plastic is never used or recycled.
  2. It takes upto 1000 years for plastic to boodegrade.
  3. Over 1 million plastic bags are used every minute in the world.
  4. Creating plastic requires fossil fuels(oil) which increases our planet’s carbon emissions.
  5. Over 17 billion pounds of plastic end up every year in the ocean.

These are just some of the reasons why using plastic is having a detrimental impact on our lives and environment and why we need to reduce our use of plastic. Year after year these problems only get worse when not properly addressing the issue of replacing plastic with a more a more eco-friendly, sustainable solution. There where Bamboo comes in to resuce.

In recent years, Bamboo has been called the ‘green gold’ of modern times. This super power plant is actually is actually a grass which can grows quickly and it can grow anywhere.

  1. Bamboo can grow without fertilisers or pesticides.
  2. Bamboo is naturally is anti- bacterial and anti -fungal.
  3. Bamboo can regrow to adult size to be harvested within 3 to 5 years and it can grow in many different kinds of climate.
  4. Bamboo is biodegradable and it produces 35% more oxygen compare to any other plants.
  5. Bamboo naturally helps rebuild eroded soils and it never needs replanting.
  6. It’s an extremely durable material and requires far less water than similar plants.

These all are amazing reasons why using Bamboo products as opposed to plastic ones is massively beneficial to our environment and future generations. The production costs of bamboo are extremely low due to the high volume of availability has well as requiring almost zero alterations to be made when producing products.

Not only using Bamboo products benefit our planet in the long run but they work and looking amazingly well around the house. The natural style that now takes a major role in setting a house makes everyday have a comfortable and warm feel.

From kitchenware to household items to decorative settings the number of uses bamboo has is incredible and only limited by one’s imagination.

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