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Bamboo products /sustainable products/eco friendly products.

Bamboo products /sustainable
products/eco friendly products.

Bamboo, almost all of us are friendly with this word. It’s not wrong to say that once in a lifetime we
all have come across a bamboo tree… or may be something which is made from bamboo, it could be anything, may be a bamboo bottle or a bamboo wall hanging, any decorative items made from bamboo or may be something else, the items are countless. Bamboo is among the fastest growing and most adaptable materials on the planet. It can grow up to two inches per hour and matures in about five years, providing a constant and never-ending supply to the marketplace without endangerment to countless species. So we can say that bamboo is a very
sustainable product in terms of not only marketing but also on various aspects.
Since bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and a sustainable building material, it could easily substitute all known wood applications without having to cut down entire bamboo groves or
plantations. Little or less we all know that bamboo is a very versatile plant, from being a producer and providing
oxygen, it also provides a better range of natural materials. From being fodder to the animals it also acts as food for humans too. Yes I’m talking about bamboo as a food. Most of us have only seen bamboo as a plant or as a material used for making domestic or decorative products, but that’s not the only thing that bamboo provides. It can also be used in fact as an edible material. Here we will talk about some excellent products that bamboo provides. Let’s give a look at all the
various products or all the various aspects of life in terms of bamboo.

Bamboo products

# Bamboo as a food
Young bamboo trees are edible and are often used as food. The young shoots of bamboo are used in
making pickles due to their incredibly sour taste. It is also used as vegetables in numerous Asian
dishes and broths. You can easily find bamboo shoots in seasonal markets nearby. It is available at
the markets during the season of bamboo.. Since young shoots are edible, it is often the most used
part. Bamboo shoots compose excellent levels of potassium, minerals, dietary fibres and most
it is important that it is high in carbohydrates. Being low in calories it provides great benefits to the body and

# Bamboo as a decorative piece

Bamboo decorations will give your home a natural vibe, a feel that you are connected to the outer environment . It will also add a cool bohemian dramatic kind of feel to your house. Adding an exoticelegance to any room, decorating with bamboo will bring memories of some beautiful moments spent with your loved ones. It will also add a touch of Asian theme and beauty.
There are several materials made of bamboo available in the market as a decorative item. Some of these are listed below:-
• Bamboo fans
• Bamboo bottles
• Bamboo wind chimes
• Bamboo flower vase
• Bamboo pots
• Bamboo doll houses
• Bamboo photo frames
• Miniature bicycles
• Fountains
• Gates
• Fences and many more.
You can find the best in your search, there is something unique for everyone, we just need to have a look and there’s always something which will blow your mind. Bamboo itself is unique and so
are its items.

# Bamboo as domestic product

Bamboo has a vast range of products in terms of domestic fields. In forestry, in social arena;
• Pulp is used for making papers like newspapers, bond papers etc
• Wood is a good material for dashboard, cardboards, switchboards
• Textile: it’s fibres are used for clothing, making textiles.
• Bioenergy product: provides biofuel like charcoal, etc.

# Bamboo as a beverage product

• Bamboo shoots are often used to make beverages like
• Wines
• Beers
• Domestic alcohol
Although there are several uses of bamboo and there are several products made by bamboo,
it is also very much sustainable for the environment.

Bamboo : A sustainable product

Bamboo is a very sustainable product in terms of marketing and many other zones.
Bamboo is a self growing plant, it does not need much care. It doesn’t even require much pesticides and water. It mostly grows on its own and needs less care as compared to other plants which need sunlight, water, pesticides, etc and need to be looked after. Bamboo plants generally needs less fertiliser and moreover it is a plant that regenerates from its own root so you don’t have to plant it again and
again. Once it is planted, it looks after its own and grows really fast and healthy in a very short period of time. It is easy to maintain and does not require much efforts hence it is very sustainable for the
environment. It is also much more sustainable than any other products like chemicals, plastic or metals. The products
made from bamboo materials are often used more than one time, and is widely regarded as the most sustainable product as compared to single use products.

Eco friendly Bamboo

The most important and noticeable quality of bamboo is its environmental friendly quality. Pesticides and
other chemicals are not much needed while cultivating bamboo making it more eco friendly. Pollution is
also reduced with bamboo cultivation as the plants reduce upto 30% to 35% carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere and produce more and more oxygen.
Being the fastest growing plant, it is also known as the most renewable plant in the environment.
So many products are made from bamboo and are used several times. Bamboo is really very eco friendly
product known to us till now, in every way possible.


Bamboo products are of great importance. Bamboo shoots have great potential as a food and much more.
After China, India is the second largest producer of bamboo in the world. Bamboo shoots or bamboo
woods are great housing materials… It is used in many different ways in construction as well. The
bamboo blights are used to give support to the roof walls, it is also used as a flooring in many areas.
Bamboo is so much more than a single plant. It’s an amazing plant which give birth to so many products
which are cheap yet reliable. Bamboo itself is a very conventional product of nature, from which other
products are born which are not only eco friendly but sustainable and also renewable.
Bamboo products are environmentally friendly and give every house a touch of nature.

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