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Bamboo Products – The Savior and a Guide to a Sustainable Future

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Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is one of the greatest gifts from mother nature to us. For centuries bamboo has been used all over the world for various activities and purposes. This includes cooking food, cloth manufacturing, constructing buildings and for medical treatment too. In the early stages  the usage of Bamboo was very much prevalent in the Asian region. Only few decades ago the usage of bamboo spread across the globe. Bamboo is beneficiary to us in several ways. Bamboo is a natural resource which is helpful to us in leading a better life and also safeguarding the environment. Usage of bamboo definitely is a way to a sustainable future.

Bamboo products

The features and facts about the bamboo plant are just fascinating. Bamboo plants are known for their growth rate. After harvesting the bamboo plant it just takes less than a year for us to harvest them again. There are certain species of bamboo which even reach a 100 cm height in a single day. The bamboo plants unlike other major plants, doesn’t need fertilizers to act as a catalyst for their growth. Bamboo plants are also extremely pest resistant. This pest resistant characteristic of bamboo plants makes them a more viable option than cotton or timber.

As they require no pesticides, fertilizers or any other chemical substances to assist them in their growth they are deemed to be the most eco-friendly option. Bamboo plants also absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases more oxygen at the same time. As a result the bamboo plants improve the air quality of our environment. Cotton on the other hand is the major competitor of bamboo in terms of an eco friendly option for a sustainable future. But cotton plants require lots of water and continuous irrigation for their growth. They also require lots of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to assist them in their growth.

The one more factor which distinguishes bamboo from all of its competitors is that bamboo is completely bio-degradable. If the bamboo products are of no more use to a person he need not worry about the environmental impact the product would cause upon its degradation. As these plants are completely bio degradable it causes minimal environmental pollution.

The process of manufacturing Bamboo products and fibers are also environmental friendly. To know more about the process of bamboo fiber manufacturing click here. Do explore this website for further information on the process of making bamboo fiber.

Process of manufacturing bamboo fiber
Manufacturing of bamboo fiber

Bamboo for bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we forget all our worries and relax ourselves. This is the reason why bamboo products and fabric are best for the bedrooms. They will bring a sense of peace to the bedroom. They also provide us with an ambience which helps us sleep in peace. The following are some of the bamboo products found in the bedroom:

Sleep with Comfort
  • Drapes
  • Bed sheets
  • Sofa covers
  • Pillows
  • Television covers
  • Teapoy
  • Mattresses
  • Window screens
  • Shawls
  • Mats

Due to pollution, now days, the quality of air inside our houses is very bad. Hence bamboo products are a best alternative to other products as bamboo are completely natural and are not allergens like the other products. Bamboo products help in keeping away the allergens from the people. There are anti-bacterial particles present in the bamboo products which also improve our immunity towards the pollution both inside our bedroom and outside. Click this link to get some ideas on how to design your bedrooms using bamboo

Bamboo for bathroom and toilet

Bamboo products also have a place in our bathrooms. Bathroom products made out of bamboo give us a feel of luxury and comfort. The following are some of the bamboo products used in bathrooms:

Bath with bamboo
  • Washing Cloths
  • Hand towels
  • Curtains for showers
  • Body towel
  • Toilet lid covers

These products are made of bamboo fabric and are very much beneficial to our body because they absorb water from our body quickly, keeping us dry. They also don’t absorb the smell causing bacteria and hence they prevent our bathrooms from smelling bad. Bamboo fabric also makes sure that other bacteria which are harmful will have a shorter life span in the bathroom. Do visit this page to know how the state of Kerala in India constructed a toilet using bamboo.

Bamboo for medical use

As mentioned earlier bamboo products are antibacterial in nature. Hence it is of no surprise that bamboo fabric is used for medical purposes also. The fabric can be made into many different products which are used for medical treatments, which include:

  • Surgical Masks
  • Coats of doctors
  • Bandages
  • Absorbing pads
  • Gauze
  • Safety masks
  • Binders for fracture
Bamboo with medicinal values

Bamboos are very much light and durable than other medical products. Hence the doctors and other medical practitioners prefer products made out of bamboo. Apart from its anti-bacterial nature, the fact that very less people are allergic to bamboo products makes them a more feasible option.

Bamboo products also have various medicinal values. Do explore the medicinal values of bamboo using this link.

Other Products

Apart from the above mentioned products, bamboos are also used in various industries like the wooden industry, paper industry, food and beverage industry, sports industry, automobile industry, electronic industry and many more. In these industries bamboo is used to make a wide range of products which include:

Guard your phone with bamboo
Ride safe with Bamboo
  • Water pipes
  • Helmets
  • Fish ropes
  • Mobile cases
  • Speakers
  • Baseball bats
  • Skate boards
  • Steering wheels
  • Wines
  • Beer cans
  • Charcoal


Now a days the world is becoming a place which we no longer can in habitat. From the carbon monoxide released by the vehicles to the oil being dumped in the oceans, we the humans are polluting the earth in all possible ways we can. We need to act sooner to prevent the environmental pollution and degradation. As mentioned above ‘bamboo’ will act as our savior and will lead our fight against environmental degradation. They will replace the plastics and all other products which play the vital role in polluting our environment. It is of no doubt that in our quest to a sustainable future bamboo will play the major role as a replacement to plastics and other products which degrade our environment.

To explore more about the world of bamboo and its several uses and advantages, do visit this site.

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