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Can Bamboo take over Plastic?

Plastic is a very useful material because of its many properties such as its versatility, how cheap it is to produce, durability and adaptability. We humans have spent many years where we took plastic for granted and produced as much as we wanted without thinking of the consequences and this is high time where we need other Eco-friendly and biodegradable products like bamboo which can take the place of plastic. 

For a cleaner planet, we cannot keep adding plastic waste. Now it feels like it is impossible to get rid off because it is everywhere. Each year 8 million metric tons of plastic finds its way into the oceans disrupting and killing its life. Once in our oceans or landfills it can take thousands of years to decompose.

Benefits of Bamboo

We use over a million plastic bags each minute and research shows that as little as 9 percent is recycled or reused. We must change this behavior as we have taken our planet for granted and are now waking up to the consequences and impact when centuries of waste accumulated is killing our planet and its inhabitants.

Furthermore, we must take into consideration the process of how we get the oil which is finite in nature and inevitably how much the drilling and refining of this oil cause harm to the environment. After we have drilling and refined this oil we use more chemicals and energy to convert this oil into the different types of plastic that we use in almost every product.

As several Eco-friendly and renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind power are starting to meet our clean energy needs, the same thing will apply to significantly reduce our plastic waste. There will come many alternate Eco-friendly and biodegradable materials formed and bamboo can be a start. It’s possible that more viable alternatives be formed by scientists which are cost friendly and less harmful to manufacture. And similarly we can expect many environmental improvements in the manufacturing of bamboo.

So can bamboo really be an alternative? Absolutely, most of the products we use in our household which contain plastic can be replaced with bamboo. Bamboo brushes, chopping boards, water bottles, disposable plates and even bamboo straws can be a good start. We still don’t know the complete benefits and the infinite possibilities that bamboo provides us.

We are also seeing so many benefits in the textile industry of clothing when using bamboo reducing our reliance on plastic synthetics mixed with cotton which use more water and energy to make. Visit and find out for yourself how Eco-friendly and beneficial bamboo clothing and what products you can buy for yourself and help save the environment simultaneously.

Other than being Eco-friendly it’s luxuriously soft, absorbs 40% more sweat than even the finest cotton keeping you extremely comfortable, makes for a year around wardrobe, it doesn’t ever shrink during washes and retains its tough material for years and has easy laundry care and the best for the last, can be worn to gyms without having second thoughts about body odor cause of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. 

Bamboo as a replacement:

For good reason bamboo has been used by us for centuries. It has qualities like fast-growing, cheap to produce and versatile in nature. It is readily available and it’s already well-positioned to keep up with any growth in consumer or production demands as more and more people get to know about its qualities. Bamboo if treated in the right conditions can fully mature in a couple of months in comparison to trees which take several years or even decades to grow, and it’s renewable and Eco-friendly so after it is harvested it can be replanted and grown again.

There takes little to no fertilizers or pesticides which causes no harm to the underground water and soil because bamboo has natural Anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Added to this the fact that it uses less amounts of water compared to trees because bamboo has better storage of water in the growing Bamboo shoots and less leaf foliage per plant.

What’s more is that bamboo produces 35% more amount of oxygen, when compared to the same volume of trees, so we can help reduce carbon emissions at the same time. Unlike plastic which takes over a few thousand years to degrade, bamboo is fully biodegradable and helps nurture new plants to grow out of its waste.

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