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First thing comes in our mind when the word panda is there is ‘BAMBOO’ , yes it’s the favourite food for pandas . Interestingly bamboo products have taken significant part in our lives. Ever heard of Bamboo Quotes? It’s surprising right ? Seems like we all know Bamboo has been utilised for various purposes across the world. Further, bamboo is used as food , medicine, paper, wood construction materials and many more.

Well as we all know that the main reason behind pollution is plastics. We lived in a place where we are completely dependent upon plastic products. Some reasons why so are – they are cheaper than other materials, light weight, durable, reusable etc. But it has great impact on environment because they can’t be destroyed. As now people are very much aware of this and encouraging eco-friendly Products that’s why bamboo products became very popular among people.Most commonly used eco friendly biodegradable product is Bamboo products, they are eco friendly as long as they haven’t been chemically processed which most bamboo clothing fabrics have been processed naturally. Bamboo as a plant is naturally pest resistant, 100% biodegradable, anti fungal, antibiotic.

some useful products are – Bamboo toilet paper , bamboo on -the -go utensils , towels made with bamboo fibre, bottle , floors , computer accessories and many more.

Some useful household items made with bamboo are plates , spoons, furniture, comb, containers. People also encouraged bamboo decorative items as they are cheap and unique. Another popular item is carry bags made with bamboo, it’s gradually discouraging plastic bags and many supermarkets are proffering bamboo based carry bags over plastic bags. It’s became a new trend which is eco friendly as well.

we should encourage the eco friendly products like bamboo products to reduce the consumption of plastic. This items might be a little costlier than plastic . This is the reason why people are looking for plastic products but Bamboo products are attractive and new in trade so people are apprising this concept and also improving ecosystem simultaneously.

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