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BAMBOO Products, The Beginning of the NEW Sustainable Era

Contents The need of the hour, Bamboo and its products Know more about Bamboo… A guide to bamboo products Top 10 bamboo product categories that you can use Conclusion 1. The need of the hour, Bamboo and its products While we are in a constant search for the products that are both eco-friendly and economical, […]

Bamboo Fiber- 6 Awesome Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fiber is simply amazing. We all read such statements about Bamboo while searching for ideal sustainable clothing on the internet. But do you know what makes it sustainable? Apart from being highly versatile and stupendous fabric, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Within a few months, a bamboo tree grows […]


“ You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes the difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall The human activities we usually do hurt the earth from numerous points of view. It is […]

A fashion Revolution for Modern Lifestyle — Bamboo Clothing

If you care about our planet, you will be very interested in the benefits of using bamboo not only for clothing, but also for many household items. If you love beautiful clothes but are also demanding a high level of comfort, you will be amazed at the many benefits of bamboo clothes. For those who […]


The contamination of harmful substances in to the natural environment is called pollution ,that has a wide range of dreadful or harmful effects on the earth. The harmful substances are called as pollutants. The pollutants can be natural or human made, natural pollutants are volcanic ashes when volcanic eruption occurs. human made pollutants are trash, smoke from vehicles […]

6 Best Bamboo Products For Eco-Minded People

Switching to bamboo products is one of the easiest eco-friendly decisions you can make. Bamboo has been hailed as one of the most durable and renewable materials in the world and has such an incredible variety of uses. So, if you’re looking for a suitable alternative to plastics, get ready to explore our top list […]

9 amazing bamboo products which can change your lifestyle

Being one of India’s most valuable resources and given the vast diversity in its applicability. Bamboo products have enormous scope for improvement of rural and tribal as well as urban livelihoods. It is among the foremost necessary resources to be leveraged towards the alleviation of rural poverty, empowerment of women, and environmental rejuvenation. Call it […]

BAMBOO | Affordable craftmanship

Before we start with type, why they are used?, it would be vital that we should go through Uses. Bamboo | Uses Please note that not all bamboo species are suited for every single application. Some species are edible while most are not, some can be used as structural timber while other only serve for ornamental […]

Bamboo clothes in India breaking the ‘clothes are restricted to fashion’ taboo 1.0

how does one help the environment and the nation while making a fashion statement effortlessly? bamboo clothes in India topping the charts and our customer racks Feel like a true Indian as well as an environment savior while helping generate million of jobs while letting your skin breathe in a natural sustainable and breezy fabric […]