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6 Eco friendly fabric looks best In your Wardrobes

The environment has taken the worst shift after the rise and growth of Industrialization. It has been said that we have to use eco friendly (fabric) products. It means shifting our focus from excessive depleting growth to creating sustainable solutions for growth.

Do you think that our clothes are polluting the Earth? If you say No, think again because it might cost less on price but cost more on life and earth. In the Modern World, Most of the clothes are made up of leather and fur. It is harmful to the environment.

Eco friendly Fabric

If talking about the textile industry, it is very hard-hitting toxic and harmful industries for others in the world. We are using many petroleum-based products and chemical processing in textile production like bleaching & dying.

The cultivation of many fabrics caused the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides resulted in soil pollution. Many wearable products like Jeans and Jackets made of Leather. It takes 500 years to degrade which has a bad environmental impact.

It might be late for a wake-up call but isn’t too late for fixing problems. Like anything in the world, we have some alternative fabrics which can lower the pollution. Here is the list of 6 Eco friendly Fabrics that are sustainable and keep the environment clean.

What’s in it for?

  1. Hemp
  2. Linen
  3. Organic Cotton
  4. Soy Silk
  5. Bamboo
  6. Jute


A fabric which tolerates pesticide is one of the most eco-friendly things that exist today. It is a quite renewable resource that grows without the need for fertilizers and pesticides. It improves the quality of soil and stops depletion.

Hemp is a very versatile material that is strong for making backpacks and soft for making clothes. On top of it, the fabric is more anti-bacterial and requires less manufacturing process without chemicals.

The purest form of Hemp has a simple texture and is environmentally friendly. It is quite similar to linen which gives warmth in winter and cool in summer.


Looking for Eco friendly fabric that have biodegrading nature and are stylish? Linen is best if you can look for high temperatures. It has moisture-absorbing properties without holding bacteria.

The perfect fabric for the tropical island tour. Strong, moth resistant, and become softer after washing. It is usually made from flax that grows natural and needs only rainwater. This natural recyclable fiber needs less energy for flax processing.

Apart from Textile, it is recycled into paper & insulation materials. The European Parliament stated that it has a great positive impact on being an “environmental pause”. The most complete Eco friendly fabric is used in stylish and luxury products in the Car Industry.

Organic Cotton.

We have various forms of so-called “natural” or conventional cotton grown with chemical inputs. Some companies used industrial processes to level up their quality. But it affects the health of water supply and workers.

We still have the option of Organic cotton which is chemical-free. It requires a lot of labor work. However, we have natural dyes of cotton. It is preferable for many household products like towels, handkerchiefs, etc.

Some mentioned the quality of Organic cotton is that it’s breathable and good for your skin. Remember, Check certified organic labeling While purchasing cotton products.

Soy Silk

You may not have known this term but this Eco friendly fabric is made up of tofu and soybeans. Yes, soybeans have a great share in our food industry like food and oil. But it’s hulls are used to make fabric which results in making soft and silky clothing products.

But Soybean agriculture is still less promising despite being minimum wastage in the food industry. It needs various toxic chemicals during the process of the fabric and chemicals can be reused.

You have to check for certification because it is not as strong as cotton. Still, soy silk is biodegradable, soft, and anti-bacterial. That’s why this silk is used for making flexible Underwears.


One of the most sought Eco friendly materials used today. It doesn’t need replantation and can grow fast after 2 or 3 years of harvesting. You can grow this highly renewable and hard grass with the use of a few chemicals.

You will find various products made out of Bamboo like toilet paper, towels, Solar batteries, etc. They have very natural antibacterial characteristics and are quite biodegradable.

There are many new methods for producing good organic bamboo without chemicals but concerns remain for their extensive manufacturing process. It needs good care for the production of Bamboo fabric


The most sustainable Eco friendly fabric goes to Jute. Jute is basically an individual plant.

It has the same properties as cotton but the production of jute is quite enormous in comparison to cotton. It needs less water, no fertilizers, and chemicals but a lot of moisture and rainfall.

The most important things required are water supply and Alluvial soil. It reaches maturity in 4-5 months and grows taller. Jute is also known as “the golden fiber” due to the range of “off-white to brown color”.

It has various varieties that are durable, strong, and shiny. In most countries, jute is used for making reusable shopping bags but many have adapted it as wall coverings and curtains.


You may have purchased various harmful products from the money. But the price we are paying for the depleting environment is Huge. Sustainable products and sustainability have become the narrative of the Modern World. But we still have a long way to go.

The kind of choices you make while purchasing will decide the future of the Environment and earth. The Above mentioned Eco friendly fabrics are best for consideration and alternatives of High end polluting products.

We should be able to create the environment of these Eco friendly products for the coming generation.

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