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Guide to a sustainable living: 10 bamboo products you should bring to your home

Bamboo also known as Mambu is the tallest member from the Poaceae (also called the grass family). It is one of the fastest-growing trees in the world because of its unconventional rootstalk dependent system. Bamboo is a natural composite material and has a high strength to weight ratio which closely resembles a strong softwood or hardwood in structure.

Reason why bamboo is used as a sustainable material

It does not require any pesticides or chemical fertilizers for its growth. It grows without irrigation and rarely demands repotting. It is cultivated in tropical and temperate climates which is why they are largely found in Asia, some parts of America and Africa in different diversities. It is available in more than 1000 varieties and each variety is useful to mankind in one way or the other.

Bamboo is widely used in the manufacture of culinary, textile, paper, home décor, medicine, construction items and musical instruments. Bamboo tree is used as an amazing sustainable product. It withstands the three pillars of sustainability cost-effective, environmental and social. It is one of the world’s most renewable materials. It fulfills the criteria of being environmentally friendly as well as sustainable i.e its ability to meet the needs of today without haggling for their needs tomorrow.

Here is a list of 10 bamboo products which should be added to your home:


More than 80% of the plastic bottles we use end up polluting the landfills. Landfills are congested with tons of plastic bottles which takes thousands of years to decompose. These are just the landfills that we are talking about and not the green spaces as of yet. To address this problem more people are inching towards the use of eco- friendly bottles. That’s when the bamboo bottles emerge as a savior. The water remains sterile inside because of the leak-proof bamboo cork at the opening of the bottle and stays cool for a longer period. The bottles are cost-effective, stylish and portable and are a million times better than a plastic bottle.


The bamboo yarn is extremely soft, mushy and absorbent. These towels get softer after every wash and dry out quickly which gives an excellent reason for it to be used as a towel. The towels are chemical-free and are made from natural dyes which makes it antiallergic and suitable for all skin types. They are antifungal and have deodorizing properties. Therefore, these towels are safe for us as well as for our environment.


Disposable one-time use cutleries and tablewares have become an important part of our lives. As easy it is to manage with it when your friends crash in for a party or guests come up for a surprise family get together, the more difficult it becomes for our planet to absorb the depravity they cause in. Apart from adding to the degradation of the environment, it is also very unhealthy to consume from them. On the other hand when bamboo degrades it releases nutrients into the soil making it, more beneficial for the environment. The best part of this eco-friendly bamboo tableware is that it does not leave a chemical residue. It is healthy for us to consume our food using them. Additionally, they are unbreakable and microwave safe.


Plastic straws hurts the environment in innumerable ways. Plastic straws take years and years to decompose and during that process also it releases chemicals into the soil, air and water which not adds to the deterioration of the environment but also a terror to the life of terrestrial and aquatic animals who consume them unknowingly. Bamboo straws come as a perfect alternative as they are reusable and hygienic to use in contrast to the plastic ones which we have been using. These straws are perfect to be used in cold as well as hot drinks.


Another eco-friendly alternative for conventional plastic toothbrushes are the bamboo toothbrushes. It has gained explosive popularity around the world because of its biodegradability. Bamboo’s superabundant advantages of being sustainable, chemical-free, and its ability to grow in the absence of toxic chemicals add to its benefits of it to be used in the manufacture of toothbrushes.


Bamboo Bluetooth speakers are all over the internet these days not only because of the fact that it is using sustainable material in it but also because of its unique style and design which makes it stand out in the market. The speakers are wireless and portable like any other Bluetooth speaker. Additionally, it saves power and has a superb sound quality. Along with these features, it is highly affordable which means one can switch to better materials without causing a pain in your pocket.


What’s better than a holistic approach to unwind your hectic day by using the various aromatherapy methods. Dipping yourself in state of rumination after a tough day by relishing the goodness of chamomile, lavender and clary sage oils into the diffuser, helping to relieve from the overthinking and stress of the life and granting the much-wanted sleep you required. It has a versatile and compliments with all the wall and table colors of your room.


One of the biggest reason why you should change your traditional chopping board to a bamboo one because of the reason that is water-resistant and does not crack or break easily. Bamboo chopping boards have gained popularity in these years because of its free maintenance and cost-effectiveness.Maintaining it is almost free because of its wood which is of a hard density and higher workability.


The bamboo floorings are durable and resistant to moisture. They have maximum durability. They do not swell up and crack like traditional hardwoods. They can withstand high traffic areas and are less prevalent to dents and scratches. They act an effective noise buffer and heat insulator. They can withstand high pressure in crowded and are also used extensively in house flooring.


 Micro and small scale industries produce bamboo furniture in different parts of India mostly Northern parts of India. Bamboo wood is immune to even a knife piercing against it. Bamboo products won’t change their configuration due to climatic changes. Bamboo chairs, tables, bathroom shelves, and racks are not only just sustainable and eco-friendly but also sturdy and captivating and acclaim well with the interiors of your house due to its versatile color. Along with its ability to combat the termites adds to its one of the amazing features. The exportation of laminated bamboo is growing at a rapid speed.

Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource. It is cheap and widely available. Its unique characteristics and advantages add up to its ecological benefits. In today’s world bamboo has a great opportunity to rule the market as most people are switching their way to environmentally friendly resources. Bamboo farming is much profitable in today’s time than any other business because of the current market trends. One can enjoy the year wise crop yields and an ample amount of profits with a very small amount of investment. People are switching their way to sustainable items to get their maximum profits and to shoot up their economy as well as its use will add up to ecological wellness.

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