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Feng Shui: 5 Minutes to Ridiculously Elevate Your Life

Feng Shui is the art through which you harness the energy to manifest your desires. It is also referred to as the Earth Luck. It is based on how your environment influences your energy field. It is very much prevalent in Chinese culture. It describes how the placement of particular objects like furniture, mirrors, etc. impacts the energy and also gives ways on how to harmonize the same.

According to Feng Shui, every person has four lucky and four unlucky directions. But here I am providing you with a way on how to start applying Feng Shui in your life without becoming too superstitious and letting it take control of your life.

The Ultimate Guide to Feng Shui


If you want to dive deep into your specific lucky and unlucky directions, I would recommend you ask someone else to do it for you and then tell you the right things. Leaning into the darker side of it can have an adverse impact if you do not have a resilient mindset.

Feng Shui is also one of the elements of the Law of Attraction. In a previous blog post, I described how most of the people are not able to manifest because they are not practicing Feng Shui. You can undoubtedly train yourself under the guidance of a coach, but even basic applications of this can help you overcome the resistance you have been facing. A small example of this is, I changed the wallpaper of my phone and put up some affirmations about abundance. I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence, but I started getting calls for interviews and more opportunities to earn money!

So, the Chinese Feng Shui calendar has an animal and element assigned to each year. You can find yours based on your birth year. There are five elements and 12 animals for the same.

The 5 Elements

These five elements are considered in the yin or yang based on the year. Each item supports the other component, which in turn completes the circle of all elements depending on each other. This means fire strengthens earth. Earth Strengthens metal. Metal strengthens water. Water strengthens wood. The wood enhances fire.

  • Water – Blue is the color of the water element. Its direction is North.
  • Metal – White, Silver, Grey, and black are the colors for the metal element. Its direction is West.
  • Wood – Green and sometimes purple signify wood element. Its direction is East.
  • Earth – Brown, Sierra, and Beige are the colors for earth element. Its direction is the Center.
  • Fire – Red, Orange, and yellow are the colors of the fire element. Its direction is South.
Feng Shui Elements

When there is an imbalance in the creative cycle, which was described above, there arises a possibility of each element destroying the other—water controls fire. Fire controls metal. Metal controls wood. Wood controls earth. Earth controls water.

Each person has an element assigned to them based on their birth year. You can refer to the chart below for finding out your element. Each element defines the personality of the person.

The 12 Animals

  1. Ox/Bull
  2. Rat
  3. Hare/Rabbit
  4. Tiger
  5. Snake
  6. Dragon
  7. Horse
  8. Monkey
  9. Rooster
  10. Pig
  11. Sheep
  12. Dog

Your element and your animal combined help you give a better understanding of yourself, and it is also used to calculate your best days in different areas of life. I wish to clarify that you do not need to believe in some days being lucky and others not, it depends on you and your energy whether you will attract good things in your life or not.

Five Fundamentals of Feng Shui

There are five fundamentals of Feng Shui based on what Marie Diamond, a globally renowned transformation leader, preaches.

1. Power Position

Every person has a specific power/ commanding position. This is different for every person based on their birth date, but there are also some general tips you can use to improve the energy of the place. For example, in your workplace, if your desk faces the door, more opportunities will enter your life because the door symbolizes the entry of opportunities.

2. Decluttering

Even Marie Kondo emphasizes this aspect in the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This might have been told to you in different ways. All those lessons boil down to the fact that the more unobstructed space you have, the more room for energy to flow freely.

If your desk has too many items on it, place them somewhere else, and it would help creativity to flow smoothly while you are working.

Imagine that the thing that is around you are alive. – Marie Diamond

This little tip helps a lot in deciding where you want to place your things. For example, you wouldn’t want a portrait of water in your bedroom above your headboard because if that comes alive, it means you are drowning. This metaphorically symbolizes that you will feel drained and exhausted no matter how much you sleep.

3. Colors

There are a lot of specifications based on your birth date for the colors that are lucky for you, but the general tips will be provided in a blog post coming up later this week, so stay connected! Till the time use the chart below to understand the basics.

Feng Shui Colors

4. Mirrors

Mirrors double everything they reflect. So when you are fixing a mirror, think of what it would double. If it reflects the dining table where your family eats and has fun, it would bring more food in the house and also the enjoyment in your life.

Mirrors in Feng Shui

5. Removal of Sharp Edges

The very essence of Feng Shui is to use things that are round and curvy. This goes for everything, such as furniture, mirrors, etc. This is because sharp things affect your aura field negatively and cause conflicts in the environment

A little example of this can include you feeling uncomfortable sitting in a position for long if there is a sharp thing pointing towards you. Thus, plants like cactus should also be avoided.

Feng Shui

So what Feng Shui tips are you going to use in your life?

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