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The Best Way To Care For Your Bamboo Fabrics: 2020 Edition

Table of contents: What is it? Why use it? How is it made? Care and maintenance Our favourite brands What is bamboo fabric? Does this sound surprising? It’s actually very common! Many textiles from viscose rayon to lyocell are made out of bamboo cellulose. They are the hottest commodity in many sustainability projects.  South-East Asians and Indians have produced such textiles for decades. India even has annual festivals surrounding this industry, such as the Kerala Bamboo Festival.  Why bamboo? Bamboo is ideal for fabric production. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-odour properties due to an anti-microbial agent present in it called ‘bamboo-kun’. It is an excellent body-temperature regulator since it is highly water-absorbent (even more than cotton!). This is also why it is often used in premium bedding. Such fabrics are also hypoallergenic, so anyone can wear them. Most bamboo textiles are very soft. Lyocell is even called ‘artificial silk’! These fabrics are certainly an environment-friendly alternative to cotton. It’s 2020, and sustainable fabrics are here to stay. How is it made?  These fabrics are made from cellulose, which is obtained using crushed bamboo pulp. There are no artificial chemicals used in this process, which is another benefit of using these fabrics. Another good thing about bamboo crops is that they’re usually grown pesticide-free, so this process is completely natural from start to finish. To learn more about the process, read this article. These fabrics are so soft and absorbent that they’re used even in diapers, makeup removers, and pillows these days! Top bamboo clothing brands like NatureFab use viscose for their products, which is extremely soft.  Caring for the fabrics Every fabric has different properties and a different care routine. When buying a fabric, it is important to know what to do, and more important to know what not to do. Washing machines themselves have multiple settings for different fabrics. From washing to drying to ironing, we have got your back! Here is how you can care for all your bamboo fabrics, and not just the clothing you wear: How to wash bamboo fabrics Temperature: In most cases, it is best to wash your products with lukewarm water, or even cold water. Try to maintain a temperature of less than 35 degrees celsius. Using colder water will prevent shrinkage, though it is not usually a problem.  Method: Most of these fabrics can be washed in a washing machine, but it is better to hand-wash more delicate fabrics, especially those used for diapers or inner-wear, or those that are thin.  If you are using a machine, be sure to set the setting to a gentle cycle.  Try not to dry-clean them.  Soap: Use a very gentle detergent, or a non-bleach powdered. Please do not use any kind of chlorinated products or bleach.  Stain removers: Use gentle stain removers before washing Disinfectants: For items such as diapers, pillows, makeup-pads, etc. you can disinfect it. Use phenolic disinfectants. Pine oil works as well.  Bleeding: These fabrics can bleed colour if they are darkly stained in the first wash. For the first few times, be sure to separate dark and light colour fabrics while washing.  How to dry bamboo fabrics Bamboo fabrics are very water absorbent, so it takes a long time for them to dry. Be sure to allocate a good amount of time for drying.  There are 2 ways: Sun-drying the cloth gently. It is a better idea to lie them down flat instead of hanging them on a clothesline. When washed, bamboo is heavy due to all the water it soaks up. Hanging it could cause it to droop and stretch the cloth more than usual. This goes especially for all knitted articles.  Delicate settings in dryers. Dryers are generally not recommended unless there is a very gentle setting on it. Do not use higher temperature settings in dryers.  How to iron bamboo fabrics It’s very important to iron fabrics properly so as to prevent any damage to the clothing items.  Do not use high heat at any cost. Burnt fibres will not hold together, creating tears in the clothing. In most cases, the fibres turn a yellow colour that might or might not be saved with stain remover. If there is extensive heat damage, the fabric will be burnt and cannot be used again.  If you do use an iron, use a very cool setting and gently rub it over the fabric. Please make sure not to be overly aggressive or leave the iron on the fabric for too long. With hemp blends, it might be advisable to make the cloth a bit wet (damp) before ironing so that you get better results.  Dyeing the material Natural dyes work really well with bamboo fabrics, since they are very absorbent in nature. There are also some dyes that are for natural fabrics only. One can use these on bamboo items too. Please do not use any harsh dyes.  Storage Store completely dry items only. If you have shirts or sweaters, try to hang them so that they do not crease. Rough handling, including nicking them or stuffing drawers could cause the fibres to break off. Do not make any marked creases on the clothes.  However, if you have any jersey-knit cloth items, fold them instead of hanging them. This will prevent any sort of stretching when it comes to the fabrics.  Our favourite bamboo fabric brands  Here is a selection of brands that are at the top of their game, and the products they make the best:  Clothing – NatureFab An Indian company dedicated to sustainable fashion, NatureFab produces some of the best bamboo clothing items around! NatureFab specialises in selling the softest T-shirts and leggings in a wide range of colours. Committed to producing high-quality bamboo clothing ranges, they have now branched out to underwear for women. Shop their selection at now, for sustainable clothing options at an affordable price range. Join the fashion revolution!  Towels – BambooGreens  Here is another Indian offering in the market! BambooGreens


6 best bamboo products for home décor

Bamboo products have been used over a long period of time. People are inclining towards more sustainable developed products. Bamboo products are one of them. Bamboo has been considered as one of the most ancient grasses. This has been used over years now. Bamboo strength is considered similar to softwood timber.  Over a period of time there is an increase in bamboo product manufacturing. People are using bamboo for several purposes. They are using it for home decor, sustainable products development even the clothing brands are switching to bamboo.  People are shifting to sustainable goods. They are investing in the market for the goods made using natural products. Bamboo is one of the mostly found natural grasses. This is widely found in Asian countries. This article talks about the 6 best home décor products made by bamboo. Home décor is usually a priority for many people. Everybody wants to decorate their home to make it look ravishing. Here is a list of some products made of bamboo. You can add them in our home to give make your home look more beautiful. They look extremely beautiful. They will give a pop of dimension in your home.  The bamboo décor will give an ancient vibe. Basic uses of bambo Bamboo is grown widely in the Asian countries. Bamboos have many uses. If you see the village areas people have cultivated the grass over a large place. Basically bamboo is a strong grass which can be used in multiple ways.  Bamboo has been used to make houses in the villages. The grass is very strong and it is durable too.  Bamboo is widely used in the architectural areas. This is used to make bridges and roads too. Bamboo clothing is the new sustainable clothing method.   People are inkling towards the Eco friendly ways of living. Bamboo has played a major role in this.  Bamboo has been seen in the making of medicines too. This has many components that can cure different disease. This is widely used in the area of medical science. Instruments and other things like utensils and furniture’s are also made up from bamboo. Bamboo products have seen a huge sale over a period of time.  Accessories paper fuel food what not is made up using bamboo.   This article talks about the bamboo products for home décor. Everyone wants to focus on the presentation of their houses. People spend a lot of money on ow they want their houses to look. They focus on many pointers for example the products they are buying should match the vibe of their room. Bamboo products are one the options that can be used to give your house a better look. Bamboo products provide an aesthetic look with some nature vibes. So if you are into natures and environment kind of vibes these bamboo products are the best options to go for. They are natural plus they provide a beauty to your rooms. Overview Reading the complete article you will come across some of the bamboo products for home décor. There are end numbers of bamboo product range in the market. There are many other creative home décor items too. You can also DIY using bamboo. The links provided will take you to the online sites. This will help you in making a decision. You can go for other sites too.  The links are for reference purpose. You can surf and have more ideas about the products. This will give you an idea if you want to go for DIYs too. In short the article will give you a small sneak peek to the products available in market with great quality and options. Some products are bit expensive as they are made by pure bamboo with handcrafting and manufactured. There are small businesses emerging in the field of bamboo product. People DIY them and then sell it online and offline both. So if you want to invest on bamboo products for the home decor purpose you can reads the article and know about some of the options available. These bamboo products are available both online and offline. So if you want to know about what where and how useful these bamboo products are continue reading the article. content table Basic uses of bamboo6 bamboo products for home décor·         Bamboo wind chimes·         Bamboo curtains·         Bamboo macramé·         Bamboo vase·         Bamboo rugs·         Bamboo wall covering Overview  6 bamboo products for home décor 1. Bamboo wind chimes First of all who doesn’t love the sound made by a wind chime? Everybody has a wind chime in their home. Those wind chimes are usually made of metal or any other element. You can always go for another alternative that is bamboo wind chime. Bamboo wind chime has many benefits.  They aren’t loud in comparison to the metal one. The sound produced by the wind chime is serene and soothing.  They look natural and beautiful at the same time. They are perfect for medication purpose too. These are one of the best bamboo products find in the market. The sound produce by the wind chime soothes the mind and calms the body.  You can hang them anywhere you want. Make sure you place it at a point where the wing hits the chime. This will produce that beautiful sound. They are amazing for home décor purpose. They will add a musical vibe to the house. Also they look beautiful hung at places. They will give that aesthetic vibe all around. Bamboo wood chimes are better option to buy over metal wind chimes. You can it find both online and offline. 2. Bamboo curtain Here is the another bamboo product that you will find easily in the market. Everyone needs a curtain on their windows to protect their room from a hefty amount of sunlight. There are many artificial chicks made up of wood and cloth. Bamboo curtains are a way to do that. They don’t allow sunlight to pass in the room. They are stylish yet durable at

Bamboo products

How bamboo products replace plastics

This article details “how bamboo products replace plastics“. In recent years bamboo products are used more than previously, it is a very good thing for the environment. Why does plastic have to need replacement? Plastic is a non-degradable waste which causes huge problems to our environment and also harmful for living beings (humans, animals, etc.) Researchers proved that plastic will make a big issue for the environment in future time, we have to minimize its uses to save earth. Plastic is very useful for us and it can’t be avoided easily because of its easy production, qualities, more adaptable, versatile and many other properties.  Every year approximately 348 million tonnes of plastic stuff are produced, each year 60% – 80% plastic waste found in the ocean, beaches. Plastic waste causes a huge effect on ocean life, marine animals. This is one of the biggest and global problems for us in recent years and we have to want to solve this. You can see how plastic cause damage environment   When we think how we can control plastic we found a better solution that “plastic has to be replaced by an eco-friendly material or products”. As a result, when we think about alternatives for plastic many materials are available there and bamboo products are one of them. Is bamboo products eco-friendly? Bamboo is a plant, which is completely eco-friendly. It is a faster growing plant compared to others with less need of pesticides and herbicides for planting. It is easily available for production and it can be harvested according to production demand and it is a renewable eco-friendly material as we want. The majority is that bamboo is completely biodegradable and compostable material which is never harmful for nature. As well as it is also use for reduce carbon emissions because of the specific property of bamboo that it release more than 35% oxygen than other trees.You can see here that bamboo is eco-friendly So, it’s proven that bamboo is completely eco-friendly, also helpful for nature and also that “how bamboo products replace plastics”. Bamboo products over plastic Nowadays, many bamboo products are available easily but to control damage of plastic on earth we want to use bamboo products over plastics. Bamboo is an alternative for plastic which is biodegradable and compostable, but it is expensive then plastic. There are mentioned some of best usable bamboo products which can easily replace plastic products – Bamboo toothbrush Bamboo computer accessories Bamboo straws Bamboo bottles Bamboo on the go utensils Bamboo skateboards Bamboo sunglasses Bamboo pet collars Bamboo kitchen utensils Bamboo furniture  Bamboo smartphone cases Bamboo handles etc. Bamboo toothbrush : It is the most commonly used utensil by each person and mostly used plastic toothbrush usually and we can replace it with bamboo toothbrush to protect our nature from huge damage. Bamboo toothbrush has many advantages compared to plastic toothbrush, some of them are there: Best advantage of using bamboo toothbrush is that it eliminates unnecessary waste with same quality of cleaning that provide by plastic toothbrush, another best one that it advised that toothbrush must change in each three months so you can feel free that bamboo toothbrush is completely biodegradable. Also that bamboo toothbrush contains the antimicrobial property which kills the bacteria and other micro-organism around the brush. Bamboo computer accessories: In recent years, computers have made a requirement for 50% of the total population in various forms. It contains accessories which are mostly made of plastics  and we can replace it by bamboo accessories.  Bamboo accessories contain antimicrobial quality and most important is that eco-friendly because the environment should also be our first priority. Bamboo straws :  Bamboo straws are completely safe for us because they are produced naturally and without using any pesticides or herbicides. While plastic and other metal straws are made up under high pressure and chemical treatment. Bamboo is durable and robust, also it has no sharp edges which makes bamboo straws a safe for children to use, the best advantage to use bamboo straw is that it is eco-friendly, natural & organic and reusable. Bamboo bottles : Bamboo’s stability, hardness, and strength, makes for tough bottles and the unique glass interior guarantees safe and clean water at all temperatures. Bamboo bottles have many benefits for health and environment both, some are there: Eco-friendly sustainability No expiry date  Strength of rigid bamboo Production without chemical Leak-proof water bottle etc. Bamboo kitchen utensils : Bamboo products are also used in kitchens as alternatives to plastic with many benefits and advantages. Bamboo kitchen utensils are eco-friendly products which produce hand-made and finishing provided by oil. Benefits:  100% biodegradable light weight  Durable Stain and odor resistant Attractive looks Smooth finish Affordable Antimicrobial property etc. Bamboo furniture : As furniture plastic products are widely used than bamboo furniture but bamboo furniture can replace these plastic products with more benefits and advantages which are offered by plastics. Durability Strength Appearance Biodegradable Eco-friendly Sustainability Vast varieties etc. Summary : In this article it clearly proved that how bamboo products replace plastics , why we need to replace plastic products, is bamboo eco-friendly or not and about some usual bamboo products which can replace plastic at ground level and protect our environment from a vast damage.

Bamboo products

Top 3 Bamboo Clothes That Every Guy Must Have – 2020

The popularity of bamboo products is increasing in an incredible way. There are ample of reason why these products are getting so much hype. Firstly, it is eco-friendly and grows quickly, it pulls carbon dioxide out of the air and doesn’t need much water and pesticides. Secondly, it can be used in a nearly unimaginable products. There are bamboo clothes like skirts, shirts, and other outfits. There are kitchen utensils, furniture and enough items to outfits an entire house. But in the modern world, bamboo clothing has become trend and fashion not only because of its stylish look but also it is very durable and comfy to the skin. Bamboo fabric is a relatively new innovation in menswear. Why a man should buy bamboo clothes? This is the most common question that comes in everyone’s mind. So why a guy should wear bamboo attire? Here are the some reasons which will completely change your vision toward bamboo clothing:• Bamboos are eco-friendly and requires 1/3 lesser water than cotton to grow.• Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton. It is the best fabric to wear in summers as it wicks moisture away from the skin.• Bamboo has antibacterial and antifungal properties which makes you odour free and fresh even after the end of a busy day.• Bamboo fiber is characterized with a natural shine which gives a luxurious look and it is bound to stand out among the other folks who wear normal and cotton fits.• Naturally UV protectant fabric.• Soft and easy on the skin.• Keeps you cooler in summers and warmer in winters. The Best Bamboo Attire For Men Every guy wants to have more clothing options. Bamboo outfits can fill all your desires toward fashion. Add these attires in your collection to look amazing and sexy. So here are the most dashing, cool and comfy outfits made up of bamboo that every guy should have in his clothing collection : 1.Classic bamboo T-shirt : T-shirts are the most common clothes that every guy has in his clothing collections. But not every guy has a T-shirt of bamboo fabric. If you get one then this will add a unique feature in your personality and boost up confidence. A classic black bamboo t-shirt can change your whole style game takes your fashion status to the top. You can have this in any colour but I prefer black because it makes you appear more manly and tough. These t-shirts will level up your style and makes you feel more comfortable than a normal or regular t-shirt. click here to know about pricing and additional information about T-shirt     2.Bamboo suits : Formal wears are the key to make a good and positive impression on any wedding and business meeting. When you dress nicely and you are wearing something that fits perfectly, you feel magnificent and the bamboo suit do the same thing for you.This is a pure bamboo suit. The fitting and looks of the suit completely depend on your fitness and the skill of your tailor. So find a skillful tailor and if you think that you’re not in good shape then start working on your fitness so that you should look amazing in bamboo suits and become the attraction on every occasion you wear these suits. click here to know about pricing and additional information of the suit 3.Bamboo joggers : Bamboo joggers are the best joggers to wear. You can combine different attires with your joggers. This just depends on your fashion sense and the occasion on which you are wearing them. You can wear joggers while running or gyming and you can also wear them at home. Joggers are very comfortable and extremely stylish.   Click here to know about pricing and additional information of the bamboo jogger So these are the top 3 bamboo clothing items but there are many other bamboo clothes that comes with great style. Try to add bamboo clothing in your collection so that you can have more options and something different and special to wear. You can gift bamboo outfit to your loved ones on any special event. Billions of animals are slaughtered and processed each year for the “Fashion Industry”. Leather, wool, fur and silk are the clothing that most of us wear. Animals are trapped and killed under horrific conditions to produce these clothing items. We need to boycott such clothing and start wearing clothes that are eco-friendly, for example Bamboo clothing. Bamboo don’t have any negative impact on nature and have positive affect on our society and daily lifestyle. Bamboos are abundantly available in many rural areas where economic development is limited, so it can offer social benefit to rural people. It is one of the most renewable resource on the earth. So it will be more beneficial for us if we shift from animal clothing to bamboo clothing and by doing so, we can save our wildlife and nature from slaughterers.

Bamboo products

7 must-have bamboo decorations items to instantly lit up your home decor

 Does your abode speaks up of your statement of choice? Table of Contents Bamboo Hanging Lights Bamboo Chairs Bamboo Book Shelf Bamboo Wall Accents Bamboo Mirrors Bamboo Accessories Bamboo Planter Pot Benefits Of Using Bamboo The bamboo decoration sets apart your space from the regular fancy decor. Since ages home décor has ignited the minds of people, after all our ambiance matters. Humans have carved innovative ways to remain stylish and in vogue with the demands of time. When the glaciers are melting and sea levels rising, certainly the time calls for a different approach. Cultivating a sustainable lifestyle is the enormous need of the hour. The idea of live a sustainable lifestyle has immensely promoted the use of bamboo in recent times. Some of the best architects of India like Trupti Doshi and Eugene Pandala are voicing their thoughts for sustainable living and it is through their projects, they are promoting a better natural way of living. Using bamboo products can be a conscious choice to make our environment a natural one as it is an eco-friendly produce Bamboo products look sturdy and can be stylish as well. Personalized your choice with these seven bamboo decorative items that can instantly lit up your home décor. 1. Bamboo Hanging Lights If you are like me who gets enchanted by the decor that brings the cozy feeling and a warm appeal to a place, then hanging lights is our stop. It can instantly beautify your space without much effort. The bamboo hanging lights give a new classy edge to your home decor. The whole setup of bamboo decoration can look subtle and ethereal that can alight your mood as well. Coco kelly one of the best interior designers blog archives has some drooling pictures of the home décor adorned with the hanging lights. You can take inspiration and get creative to adorn your own space. The hanging lights are those small details you can’t overlook as it can transform the whole room. We all know how perfect lighting sets up a perfect mood. The bamboo lights give that unique look which speaks of a perfect blend of modern and contemporary. The bamboo lights come with detailed craftwork. Depending on your creative needs, you can design your space with the hanging lights. Perched upon on your favorite reading spot and you might get too comfy to walk out or to set the tone of your dining space so that those conversations never end. Warm and Cozy, no one has said never! 2. Bamboo Chairs Take some inspiration from this picture and decor your living room with one such comfy chair. The natural light brown color of the furniture sets a minimal appeal to your space. According to your creative needs, you can complement the other living room furniture by contrasting them like in the picture.  Here the cushions match with the teal pouf. Always play with the mix and match to create a soft hue in the ambiance. The bamboo decoration can make your living room a more functional space. So donning up a chair that serves the purpose of both lounging and dining serves the purpose. Bamboo chairs when team- up coherently with living room furniture gives a boho touch to the overall décor.  Casa Watkins Living blog in their bohemian section has some adorning pictures of bamboo chairs contrasting with green sofas—Ohh! and who can forget Oprah’s set of bamboo chairs with big green cushions under an oak tree. Can it be more comfortable than this? The other great idea can be a bamboo swinging chair. It is more durable than the regular steel ones and given its material properties, bamboo chairs are scrape resistant, easy to clean, and easily movable. Place one such in a garden and enhance the natural element of the environment or put one in a balcony, where you can doze off while watching the rainy hues on a lazy afternoon. 3. Bamboo Bookshelf While designing your study, you can get caught in the loop of creativity ending with more accumulation than you need. The idea of arranging books to plants to mini-dolls to other handy arrangements in your sleek shelf can sometimes go awry. Time to remind some of Marie Kondo here. Invest in one good sturdy bamboo bookshelf that creates a minimal look and sets a tone of organized space. There’s something nostalgic about bamboo bookshelves. Bamboo decoration The study is where we want to be productive and focused. The furniture in the room has to encourage a comfortable space without any distractions. Keeping a bookrack that is easy to shift in which has a natural element to it, inspires the calm energy that a study room can demand. Whether a voracious or a binge reader you are, there is no denying that a bookshelf with a slightly woody touch and subtle sleek look uplift the decor of your space. The eco-friendly bamboo encourages the correct vibe of the room to seal your focus while working or studying. 4. Bamboo Wall Accents The straw hats used as a wall accent in the picture is something you can inspire yourself to give a quirky touch to your space. Bamboo wall accents are those overlooked pieces that can turn around the whole look of your space just like a waist belt can make a difference to a loose fitted dress. The wall accents speak of the taste and mind of the dweller, thus reflects the ideology of your personality. Depending on your taste, you can choose from various bamboo wall decors to tailor your needs. The list is endless from dream catcher to the wall art to bamboo plates. has in their archives some of the best bamboo decoration items for every possible room, you might want to have a peek into for some inspiration.  To give a quirky touch to your bedroom hang a big dreamcatcher against the wall that radiates the chic tone of your space. You can also experiment with different bamboo crafts like tribal art pieces or putting up with bamboo adhesive shelf. If your mind crying out the (too-much) slogan than let me tell you about the Chongtong Bamboo Resort; an escapade


The Great Era of Bamboo Textile Industry

The Wonder Fabric In Textile Industry The textile industry has been the forefront of innovative as well as rapid, almost radical change since time immemorial as it tries to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. In this textile revolution, we have now an unexpected, yet long overdue entrant. Bamboo, an emerging contender of vast potential, is the Golden horse in this race. Though initially scorned due to it coarse and brittle nature, it is now considered a revolutionizing factor. Bamboo textile refers to any textile material, be it cloth, yarn or clothing, crafted from bamboo fibres. Though bamboo was an important structural component in clothing and was used since as far back as 1500 in Corsets, in 18th-century Bonnets and the mid-19th century Bustles. Yet, despite the abundance of the material, it never made a successful entry into the global textile market, being severely limited by the technologies of the time (inefficient, costly and cumbersome processing methods made it unfavourable for mass production). That is until the early 2000s. Pushed by recent trends of environmental sustainability, the bamboo processing methods saw a breakthrough and thus entered the mainstream. And so, the stiff fibres used in crafts and weaving gave way to the modern Bamboo spun which is a type of Rayon. The newly discovered process of manufacturing is relatively easy and cost-efficient. Here, the leaves of the grass, as well as the inner pith, which is soft and supple, is extracted, via a process called Steaming. Through chemical processes the obtained cellulose fibre is transmuted into a regenerated form of itself, thus producing a soft and smooth textured fabric called Viscose Rayon, a natural fibre. The silky sheen of the resultant fabric as well its softness, superior wicking capabilities, breathability, its ability to be mixed with other fabric such as spandex, lycra, hemp and, most alluringly, its eco-friendly aspects such as biodegradability pushed it beyond the basics. It is now seen in many modern luxury fashion brands, most notably Vera wang, Versace etc. It positively appeals to the up and coming Eco-friendly designers/ indie brands as well as others, like NatureFab, Cariloha, Bhu-satva, and Free fly, to name a few. It has a plethora of plus points, among which are certain traits which are highly sought after. Namely: Antibacterial, Hypoallergic, Odour resistant and Thermoregulatory. Bamboo is a natural antibacterial and the finished product derived from it retains the same property. This not only allows provides an antibacterial effect, but it also excludes the need for chemical anti-microbial treatment upon the finished product, which is not eco-friendly and is known to cause allergies. Its beneficial effects do not stop there, the same property is also responsible for its odour repelling effects, by preventing the growth of foul odour inducing bacteria even after several washes. And to top it all off is the thermoregulatory effect which helps the wearer achieve the paradoxical effect of being cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Need I say more! The ease of availability of raw material and the economical cultivation of the same drives the textile industry forward. Bamboo is a quick-growing crop taking only about 3-4 months to grow in areas where agriculture and forestry are deemed impractical and unviable. Its ability to thrive in diverse climates makes it a sustainable and versatile raw material. Even better, it is regenerating resource, which regrows, with increased mass rapidly. The increased demand serves not only the textile industry but also the population of farmers, workers, landowners etc. because bamboo is a cash crop, and cultivation of the same is a low risk/investment-high return approach. Even by the roughest calculations, the bamboo textile industry rakes in at least 2.4 Billion Dollars per annum. This economy is projected only to grow in the coming years. It is rightfully considered the emergence of a Textiles Behemoth. Though there are concerns about the growing market which may cause deforestation to keep up with the demand and safety aspects of the manufacturing process, the obvious advantages are simply too substantial and numerous to overlook. Eco-Enthusiasts and the Textile industry with the help of the respective authorities are trying to make the process safer and thus support this booming industry. With public interest leaning more and more towards green and sustainable products, the bamboo textile is, undeniably, the right way to go for the eco-conscious individual. Of all the above-mentioned companies and designers, one particular brand stands out, who saw that the market was wanting and decided to take the leap of faith; NatureFab  Sustainable| Ethical | Indian textile industry This Delhi based clothing line offers a wide variety of organic bamboo clothing, mostly focused on activewear. They use a blend of 95% Bamboo fibre + 5% lycra, ensuring elasticity and comfort. The unique properties of bamboo fibre make it the to-go-to in activewear as it is thermoregulatory, anti-bacterial and, breathable. Sweaty and reeking gym sessions are soon to be a thing of the past as their garments are 60% more absorbent than cotton, allowing you to remain dry for longer period of time and actively eliminates odour. This promising start-up caught the attention of the Government of India Incubators and is now incubated under IGDTUW- Anveshan foundation funded by Government of NCT of Delhi. It is also recognized by DIPP, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, GOI. Surely, this venture is one that deserves global attention.

Bamboo products


The earth is viewed as the leading planet known to man that support life. Nature can be comprehended as a cover that continues living on the planet savvy and sound. We absolutely can’t understand the genuine worth of the circumstance. To keep the earth steady and stable one of the essential things we can go for is utilizing items that are safe for nature. Bamboo is a quickly developing, sustainable, and simple to-develop asset. It is an exorbitantly versatile material with many utilizations, including development, garments, food, and fuel. Man’s agreement with bamboo returns a large number of years. Bamboo has been an apparatus, food, and building fixing. Individuals have utilized bamboo to make weapons and even instruments. The qualities of bamboo make it something of a worldview for human character. The wood from an adaptable bamboo stick is to be sure more reliable than the wood from an unbending oak tree.  Bamboo: A Eco-Friendly Product As we probably are aware, the state of nature is exhausting step by step, and it has become an overwhelming circumstance to make due in it. If means not taken quickly in this worry, at that point, it can prompt a condition that can be dangerous to such an extent that can influence numerous lives. Bamboo is the greener decision for future buys. Here are some of how bamboo products help to mitigate the planet: Helps to recover soil and to wipe out poisons: Bamboo can develop on fruitless grounds and can reestablish its dirt. It likewise helps in expelling the toxins present inside the ground by catching them inside its stalks.  A sustainable asset: Almost 1 million sections of land of timberlands are vanishes every week worldwide to deforestation. Bamboo’s versatility as a substitute for hardwoods offers an opportunity to lessen that figure and ensure the forested areas that we have left.  Generates oxygen: Bamboo seizure more carbon dioxide and discharges 35% more oxygen into the environment when contrasted with an indistinguishably estimated remain of hardwood trees. Needs no manures and pesticides: Bamboo plants develop tall and sturdy without the association of pesticides, leaving the restricted possibility of any damage to creepy crawlies or creatures and less contamination. Proper utilization: Almost every part of the bamboo plant gets utilized after being harvested either in making furniture or accessories. Astonishing development rate: The bamboo tree has a great development rate. It grows with no additional consideration and management. Can develop in various conditions: It has a unique property to increment in an assortment of conditions where different plants will not grow. It very well may be a mountain or plain land. Helps in the development of the economy: Increasing interest for bamboo products has opened the door of work to many improving the monetary states of the nation. Bamboo Products: The New Revolution “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” – Bruce Lee So are the bamboo products, beneficial to nature and lasts long Here are the best ten bamboo products that can be extremely useful to use in day to day life: Bamboo bottles: The natural made bamboo bottles are turning into the new pattern followed by the mass. These are intense and watertight and keeps up the water temperature. They are comprised of durable bamboo named Bhaluka, and the external layer is cleaned by a waterproof material to give it a gleaming look. This is an incredible activity to decrease the utilization of plastic bottles. Bamboo toilet papers: : These are a feasible option for business bathroom tissues. Since bamboo plants can regrow without anyone else once gathered; thus, the utilization of them to produce bathroom tissues is progressively economical. It ensures a vast number of trees which is chopped down to create bathroom toilet papers. Bamboo utensils: Bamboo utensils are turning out to be incredibly mainstream due to its condition well-disposed highlights. They are lightweight and polished, which give it a luxurious look. Bamboo utensils are exceptionally tough, and they are stain and smell resistant. These are modest and can be managed in a strict spending plan. Bamboo tea: Enriched silica, bamboo tea is excellent for your hairs. It upgrades the development and quality of the strands. It likewise helps in keeping up gleaming skin and keeping it saturated. Bamboo towels: In view of the characteristic properties of bamboo it creates an unrivalled quality fibre which is lavish just as handy. Bamboo towels are delicate and agreeable, additionally simple to relax. They are hostile to bacterial and scent safe because of which they are sought after. Bamboo flooring: Bamboo flooring is getting one of the most mainstream decisions in light of their condition cordial properties. It is profoundly healthy and simple to keep up. It additionally goes about as a successful thermal insulator. It is moderately less expensive than other deck and gives an improving look to the house. Bamboo skateboards: Bamboo skateboards are perfect for the energetic skaters who like to turn over the decks. Bamboo usually is stun safe and exceptionally strong along these lines, and it keeps the deck from breaking. Bamboo skateboards are better than maple sheets; it is likewise lighter and assimilates the effect superior to the next material sheets. Bamboo car interiors: Bamboo will, in general, be genuinely adaptable, robust, sustainable, and copious. It very well may be utilized as an inside for vehicles due to its consistent and secure nature. It is entirely agreeable as well. Bamboo mobile covers: Bamboo mobile cases are waterproof and exceptionally stun safe. They are inflexible and profoundly stable, and shields the mobile from getting harmed. Bamboo baskets: Bamboo containers are lightweight, however excellent and eco-friendly. It is anything but difficult to deal with and looks exceptionally imaginative. They are utilized for different capacities, for example, adornments, clothing bin, stockpiling, and so on. Would bamboo be able to spare nature? The response to this inquiry is still to be found. Be that as it may,


Top 5 Reusable Organic Eco Friendly Period Products

The society loves telling us women how we ought to cleanse, protect and sanitize our bodies. If you are like the millions of women brought up with the myth that the only way to deal with periods is sanitary pads and tampons, it’s about time that you burst that bubble and try new alternatives to period products to know what works best, both for you and the environment. So, get a paper and pen and dive straight in to the world of organic eco friendly period products. Why Should I make the Switch to Organic Eco Friendly Period Products? The synthetic material used in sanitary pads causes itchiness, irritation, skin infections and might also lead to UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), which can be life-threatening, and in many cases can make you infertile. As for tampons, we have all heard of the fatal TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), and though it is rare, regular use of tampons messes with the pH balance of your vagina, and can lead to hormonal imbalances in the body. On top of that think of the threat to the environment, these plastic and synthetic products cause tons of non-biodegradable waste every year, that is toxic and may enter the food chain. Switching to organic eco friendly period products is not just a smart choice, it’s a necessity. Are Menstrual Cups the Only Viable Option? The simple and clear answer is a big “NO”. While menstrual cups might be the most used alternate period products, they are not the only ones, and they too are not made of organic material. Menstrual cups and Menstrual Disks can be tricky and uncomfortable for women like me, who are used to sanitary napkins. The idea of inserting something inside your vagina can be scary for some people, and that is perfectly fine. There are several other options to choose from, products made from organic material like cotton and bamboo. Yes, you read that right, bamboo! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go and explore the world of reusable and organic eco friendly period products. Sorry DivaCups, we mean no insult, but we are just not comfortable. What are the Organic Eco Friendly Period Products Made from Bamboo? There are many different products to choose from when it comes to using bamboo-based alternatives. The bamboo fiber is very absorbent and is used in place of the synthetic cotton and other material used in conventional pads. Let us see the options one by one. Reusable Bamboo Pads Pads that are made and filled with bamboo fiber are a brilliant, they are 100% organic eco friendly period products. The best thing is that these pads can be reused, just rinse them with soap and water and throw them in with the laundry. These pads may take a while to dry, so make sure to buy more than two, according to your flow and the climate you live in. These pads come in various sizes and thickness and can be ordered in packs from local producers, so go and give them a look. Saathipads is one brand that offers biodegradable bamboo pads that are decomposed within six months under normal conditions, it is a brand based in India and caters to the Indian population with their products, pricing and services. These bamboo pads use a mix of bamboo fiber and charcoal. Reusable Bamboo Pantyliners A great option in green period products is reusable bamboo pantyliners, think of them simply as the normal pads without wings. If you have really heavy flow, this might be a little inconvenient. But if you have a lighter flow you should definitely consider this. This is also a good option for the days when you don’t really need a pad but want to wear one in long travels, or when you are spotting. Carmesi is a brand that makes pantyliners from bamboo and corn, which are biodegradable and reusable. You can also get a custom pack according to your needs.                      Periods Panties: This is something straight out of a fairy tale for women like me (who don’t believe in fairies). Periods Panties are like regular panties, except that they are filled with bamboo fiber and/or cotton in the middle region to absorb menstrual blood. There are different varieties according to your flow and size. You can find Periods Panties on Zivame, made from natural bamboo fiber. The best thing about using organic eco friendly period products made from bamboo is that they decompose easily, are good for the environment, hypo-allergic, rash resistant, and good for the local economy. They are definitely the best things to choose for your next periods, if you want to go sustainable, organic and budget-friendly. Bamboo products cost less than 500 bucks, and can be reused for as long as they are in good condition, and do not have odor. You can rinse them a little, and then wash them with the rest of your laundry, no problem at all. What are the Organic Eco Friendly Period Products Made from Cotton? If bamboo sounds like something too adventurous for you, try the products made from cotton. And in case you are been made to believe that your regular sanitary pads are filled with cotton, know that it’s a big lie. Cotton does not make more than 5 to 10% of the stuffing of conventional pads, and the rest is made of synthetic fiber, mostly plastic. If that sounds gross, welcome to the world of organic cotton period products. Reusable Cloth Pads: The concept of reusable cloth pads is simple enough, the stuffing and the outer covering is made of cotton. Not the synthetic cotton, but the natural and organic cotton fiber h The best thing about these cotton pads are that they are made by local producers, mostly women. You can even make these pads at your home, just grab a sewing machine and buy the quality of cotton fit for your period flow. There



“ You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes the difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall The human activities we usually do hurt the earth from numerous points of view. It is draining the air we inhale, the assets we use and the existence we live. Presently, it has gotten fundamental to make vital strides in this worry. As a living soul and occupants of the unstoppable force of life, it is our sole duty to shield it from such occasions which can wreck its class and upset its magnificence. In this complexity, the method of going eco-friendly has developed by and large. It has opened another approach to make progress in protecting the earth. Eco-friendly products means not harmful to the environment. It can be anything that does not disrupt the environment parameters and pave the way for a clean and healthy nature. Why go for Eco-friendly? Each time there is a talk about practicing environmental awareness, advance Eco-friendly products. Yet, at long last, every voice goes futile as nobody assumes the liability to push ahead and start the upheaval. Eco-friendly products are one of such advances that we can take to advance a sound and green society. It is essential to watch that the item which you have brought considering an Eco-friendly products, in all actuality, is it or not. There are numerous approaches to check the credibility of the things; it tends to be its vitality star rating, USDA Original seal or a green seal. The reliability can likewise be decided by the surveys and rating of the organization. When you make sure about the quality and authenticity of the item, you are prepared to utilize it. Thus, here is a portion of the focuses which gifts information about the handiness of these items: 1. Helps to eliminate pollution: Eco-friendly products are made by utilizing materials which don’t influence the earth. These items ordinarily centre around satisfying the requirements without hurting nature. They additionally help in diminishing the degree of carbon oxide subsequently forestalling environmental change. 2. Cost-efficient: Eco-friendly products are made by utilizing materials which don’t influence the earth. These items ordinarily centre around satisfying the requirements without hurting nature. They additionally help in diminishing the degree of carbon oxide subsequently forestalling environmental change. 3. Promotes healthy lifestyle: Use of Eco-friendly products helps in keeping up a refreshing way of life. Since they are comprised of regular items, it tends to be utilized by the two youngsters and grown-ups. Eco-accommodating, every single regular item guarantee security from every dangerous synthetic and permit families to maintain a strategic distance from unsafe added substances that can cause any of these issues. Utilizing Eco-friendly products improves personal satisfaction as far as age, mortality, sicknesses, and illnesses. They guarantee the security of families and the planet. 4. Provides a better future to our children: We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. That is the reason there is a need to ensure the earth and spare it for our people in the future. Eco-friendly products is one of the routes through which we can accomplish that objective and give our youngsters a superior tomorrow liberated from contamination and unsafe poisons. 8 Eco-friendly products to use in daily life: There are perpetual, Eco-friendly products that can be utilized in everyday life. Here are eight such things that are very basics and eco-friendly as well. Eco-friendly Toilet Papers: Billions of trees are pointlessly chopped down to make toilet papers even though we can utilize reused papers for it. Eco-friendly or reused toilet papers is the answer to it. They are created using waste and reused papers which can preserve the trees from being chopped down. 2. Reusable Water Bottles: From the creation of single-utilize plastic water restrains to where they end, there isn’t a lot of going for them. Putting resources into a reusable water bottle helps the earth in all the manners in which plastic water bottles hurt it. By utilizing less assets, emanating less unsafe gas, and securing water assets and the animals who live submerged, these are on the whole ways reusable water bottles help nature. 3. Rechargeable Batteries: These batteries are more convenient, reliable and more durable than one-time-use batteries. They are easy to recharge and give better performance than other batteries. They are earth-friendly as they consume less energy for recharging than the energy consumed in manufacturing new batteries. 4. Energy-Saving Bulbs: Energy-saving light bulbs are more efficient and last 12 times more than the traditional light bulbs. They emit the same frequency of light using less amount of energy, so this can reduce your electricity bill. 5. Recycle Toys: : Toy makers are utilizing reused and bio-based plastics for assembling toys. They have received a feasible and successful approach to develop the toy business. It’s likewise very cost-effective to them. This development is all around planned, as there is presently a unique need to keep moving across segments to address an atmosphere and contamination emergency. 6. Modern Washing Machines: Modern-day clothes washers accompany imaginative and very eco-friendly highlights. It spares vitality as well as accompanies highlights like eco wash which requires less water to clean the garments. 7. House Decor: Nowadays, lots of business professionals are focusing on natural and eco-friendly home decor items. They seem to be stylish as well as are safe for the environment. It comes with a wide range of products such as curtains, clocks, dishware’s, cooking essentials, etc. 8. Reusable Bags: reusable or material bags diminishes the requirement for non-inexhaustible assets required to make plastic bags. They are nature agreeable as well as reliable and financially savvy. Not at all like the feeble plastic bags you take from retailers, eco-friendly bags are reliable and can convey more at once. Not exclusively will you make more zone in your home by utilizing reusable



6 MUST HAVE BAMBOO PRODUCTS FOR A PERFECT HOME A versatile material which leads to a sustainable lifestyle is bamboo. Bamboo is an equipment which is used extensively around the world and is gaining the ground with wide popularity. The world is facing a huge environmental problem and the harmful products like plastic are getting renovated by sustainable products such as bamboo. Bamboo is misunderstood to be a type of wood. But in reality, it is not wood but a type of grass which is harder than the oak and has amazing uses. Not only bamboo is used for medicinal purposes, but it is also used for various other factors such as in clothing, as a food, for construction and so on. It is also utilized in scaffolding. Why not have a look at : Bamboo stuff is not used in a new manner. From ancient times, bamboo is used as a crucial tool in the daily lives of the people. To give an interesting fact as a part to tell that the bamboo stuff is used from a very long time is that Thomas Edison, who invented the glass bulb, used bamboo as a filament in it. Similarly, Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the first phonograph, used bamboo as a material to make it. Let us have a quick glance at the medicinal purposes of it as well. The shoot of the bamboo plant is used as a medicine for kidney diseases. Leaves of the bamboo plant are used to treat cancer and other related diseases. The water, which is released from the branches of the bamboo plant are used to treat diseases of the bones. Since it has so many benefits, let’s look at some of the bamboo products which are replacing the use of plastic and look extremely stylish as well as are sustainable in the long run. 1. Bamboo Towels Most of the people use cotton towels in their homes and wash it regularly as it gets dirty and needs regular cleaning. So, if you are not fond of washing regularly, you should switch to bamboo towels. Not to mention, bamboo towels save your time as they need less washing. They are anti-bacterial in nature and are softer than a regular towel that you use in your daily life. I don’t think there is anyone out there who doesn’t like to have a soft touch of towel after every shower. Bamboo towels are a must for those people as they are enticing and prevent the moist that grows in towels. You can buy bamboo towels from here: 2. Bamboo Utensils More than 80% of people use steel and aluminium utensils because of their durability. But don’t you want to switch it to something extra durable with a less price range that has more features than the regularly used utensils and is more beautiful? Well yes, everyone wants such natural products. So the second item in this must-have list is the bamboo utensils. The main features of bamboo utensils include its durability, affordable price as well as its resistance to stain and odour. Bamboo has a beautiful feature of a smooth finish which gives an attractive appearance and is safe with the non-stick cooking surfaces. It is comfortable to use and is extremely strong and durable in nature. You can look bamboo utensils here: 3. Bamboo floors Majority of the people use tiles or wood as a material for their flooring in their homes. But what they miss is the option of bamboo flooring. Bamboos are highly durable and extremely strong. If you compare your commonly used floor tiles and bamboo flooring, you will notice that the tiles get break easily when you put some heavy object on it. Bamboo floors can hold huge pressure and weight. It also resists moisture and does not swell due to the moisture and water problems. It is eco-friendly and renewable. Bamboo floors are not high maintenance and refinishing is not required at frequent intervals. It is naturally beautiful and acts as a thermal insulator. You can look here: 4. Bamboo Toothbrushes What do you think of regular plastic toothbrushes in terms of its working? The most common answer that comes is that it cleans your teeth and is durable at an affordable price. But have you thought of the chemicals and harmful effects of plastics that come together with the advantages? So, here, another must-have benefit is that of the bamboo toothbrushes which have better qualities in comparison to a regular plastic toothbrush. A regular toothbrush is easy to decompose and offers a better quality of cleaning. Compared to a regular plastic toothbrush, which is recommended to change every three to six months, a bamboo toothbrush works more and is bio-degradable, thus, no environment pollution. You can look them up here: 5. Bamboo Hairbrush Are your hairbrushes also made of plastic? Don’t you think that its time to move on and look for some new and more effective items? Not just it is sustainable but also bio-degradable. Isn’t it just classy that you use eco-friendly products? A hairbrush is a tool which is used in your routine tasks. You must be thinking that you have never faced any problems while using a plastic hairbrush so why should you switch to this? Well, let’s see some of the benefits of the bamboo hairbrush. A bamboo hairbrush helps to distribute natural oils that are secreted by your scalp to keep your hair soft and shiny. They help you to avoid the frizziness in your hair. Using bamboo hairbrush helps you to improve the blood circulation, helping you to grow your hair faster than ever. You can look at them here: 6. Bamboo Socks In how much time do you change your socks or replace it with a new pair? If you are a regular office going person or wears daily socks on a daily purpose for your exercise schedule or office attire, then you should look

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